Mosquito V

This is the story of mosquitoes.
Enjoy their tiny world.


If the future era exists, what would become of mankind?
New types of machines? New types of society systems?
Maybe they might be the same as the present ones, or they are completely different from the ones we have now.
Future is flexible, you know.
If the destiny exists, and you are to be killed in the traffic accident on Friday, you can avoid the danger.
You can stay home.
But you should not get the information about the future forehand.
If you are to die, you will be dead, but so many angels can save you!
As long as you belong to the heavenly side, I mean, if you belong to heaven, your destiny will soon get better.
To change the future is easy.
Focus this moment, and don’t care about the future.

If you change yourself in the better ways now, your entire future will shift to the better moments.


If you want to avoid the danger, stay on the heavenly side.
Because as long as your consciousness belongs to heaven, so many angels can save you.
If you lose love for anybody, your love would be extinct, and if you should belong to the hell side, so many devils would make attacks to you.

Note: This story is a fictionm, but I’m sure I’m telling the truth.

Catie was still unsure if she’s got the spritual power to make senences into the reality. She wrote about the future then.
I am writing this novel to save the two little children, who are losing their feet.

Oh boys!

Thier karmas were good enough, but the witch put a curse on them.

“Your entire future woiuld be mine, huh-huh.” said the witch.
“Your happiness belongs to me, boys!” said the witch.
“The harder you work, the happier I become.” said the witch.

Oh no.

Devils should think of us human like this way.
Sometimes they appear in front of us, in human’s figure.

How’d I know?
Because I know so many devils, who once were like us humans.

They are in lack of love for the others.

That’s the very basic sympoms of ‘Hell Diseases.’

I know they need love, too.

To love is to be loved.
To take is to be taken.
And to forgive is to be forgiven.

But if you should do some bad things and if it should not be forgiven,

What shoud you do?

Is it forgiven?

To prevent fights, we should be ready for the forgiveness against the others.


They may be sorry for the deed, but some devils are the great pretenders.
They don’t hesitate to confess the crimes, but those crimes cannot be forgiven.


God and Angels gathered to discussed the matters.
And they hit upon a good idea.

—Devils should experience the Hell side as long as they keep on doing bad things.
—But if they are ready to go to Heaven with their good deed, Heaven’s gate will open again in front of them.
—Until then, they should experience some bitterness.

Yes, there exists Hell as long as there exists Heaven.
You should understand the systems of love and happiness.
I will have to tell you about the Heaven Ball and the Hell Ball.
Now let’s get back to the story.

The two children got younger and younger, and one of them lost his words.

“Dhaaaa, bro.” said the younger boy, pointing at his brother’s feet.
“I know, I’m afraid of this, too.” said the elder boy.
“I will take you to the other parents you don’t know!” said the witch.
“NO! Mom! And Dad!” said the two.

“How scary you look when you look after children!” said the devils.
“This is the way I love them.” said the witch.

“Don’t worry, I am fine.” said the witch.


The witch had a problem.

She liked children.

No, no.

It doesn’t mean she tastes children.

She had a weakness against pure eyes.

She once was a good lady, before the war.

Yes, something terrible happened.

She got miserable. She remembered her life during the war.

She was hungry.

She lost all the things she loved, and she lost her house.

A missile came to her town, and it destroyed almost everything except for the tombs of her friends.

She was weeping when somebody touched her on the shoulder.

“I… I lost everything I have loved.” said the lady.

“I love my kids.” she said, “but how can I save them?”

“They are in the air. They are fighting for our country! They are working for us, and they belong to the nation!”

“Who knows if they would come back to me?” said the lady.

Somebody stroked her head, not knowing what to say.

“If anybody should kill my sons, I would be a devil and rule this entire world!”

The two never returned.

She had been patient, patient enough to wait for them for over twenty years until she got a message from the nation.






There was a signature at the bottom of the letter.

I can’t describe how discouraged she looked when she finished reading this sentences.

Her rage against the nation started.

“You took my sons away to the battlefield!”

“I’d prefer YOUR death, not my sons’.”

“You have killed my sons.”

“Now it’s time you go to Hell!”

“Wait there, I shall go to the Hell-side and I would be the devil!”

“I will be the best hostess in the hell, and you’ll be the first phantoms I will meet for the first time!”

“I will do my best. I will be the finest devil in the darkness and I would destroy you!” said the lady.

“I would never forget this feelings. Oh, my boys…!”

And she became the finest devil in the darkness.

She had knowledge about the manners, and she had good eyes on children.

“Good. Keep your back straight, and pull back your chins.”

“You’ve got good eyes, I know. You shall be honest boys.”

“But don’t obey your bosses without thinking about their faces on the other side.”

“When they grin, they are in the world you could never imagine.”

“I will destroy the world they create on their minds.”

“The disaster should be there, of course, under my controls!”

“Help me, boys. I have to lend your hands.” said the lady.

The two heard this sentence.

“Hands? No! We have already lost our feet! Not again to our bodies!” said the older boy.

“OK, then. Then how about your Moms’?” said the lady.

“You can bring my hands. How about some strawberries?” said the younger boy.

“But don’t forget. If I lose my hands, I can’t give these strawberries to you.” said the boy.

“Oh, you’re a good boy! Just don’t mind. I can pick some out of your pocket!” said the lady. “whether you have them or not.”

“Right side? Or the left side?” said the devil.

“I have them in my right pocket!” said the younger boy.

“NO! Don’t be so honest!” said the older boy.

“Wait for us, please. We would go back to the forest and take some strawberries for you!”

“Wait, wait wait. I know if I release you to the forest, I would be the lonesome devil in the world. You would never return.”

“I have already got the strawberries because I have you in front of me.” said the devil.

“The right side?”

They screamed when she touched the younger boy’s chin.

A scent of somebody’s mother came to the older boy.

It smelled of sweet apples.

“You… You smell of fresh apples!” said the older boy.

“Do you like fruits?” the elder boy said.

“Oh, yes I do. And you?” said the devil.

“Yeah, I love them, too!” the elder boy said.

“Oh, yes, you do.” she looked sad.

“Do you know what this is?” said the devil.

“A branch?” said the two.

“No. This may seem a branch of a tree, but this is a magic cane.” said the devil.

“I can vanish your hands, if I want.” said the devil.

“NO!” said the two.

“Into the smoke.” she tapped something with her magic cane inside her hand.

The boy’s hands disappeared into a crystal ball.

The devil smiled.

“Now you see?” said the devil.

“I don’t think you need your feet in the air.” said the devil.

The two swallowed.

“Keep your chins back straight, boys.” said the devil.

“Yes, madam.” said the two.

“Come, strawberry boy.” said the lady. “You’ll lose your bottom, and I will be able to use my new cane.”

“Why?” said the elder boy.

“I am going to change your feet to my new cane.” said the devil.

Written by Masato Iwakiri Copyright(C)2009-2021 Atlantis英語総合学院 All Rights Reserved.