Mosquito IV

This is the story of mosquitoes.
Enjoy their tiny world.

Chapter I

In Heaven, there seemed to be a matter.

All the angels were in panic, wandering over the clouds, looking for somebody.

Catie had disappeared.

“I wonder where she is.” said the King.

He was the king of all the creatures.

“And I wonder when I met Joe the last.”

He had the soul of the Earth.

“Shall we send a party?” said one of the Archangels.

“No, you need not.” said the King.

“I will ask Mr. Sun about it.”

“Sounds great.”

“Hi, can you hear me, Mr. Sun?” said the King.

“Yeah, of course?” said the Sun.

The King was wearing a pair of sun-glasses.

“The King with sun-glasses?” said the Sun.

“Oh, sorry. But today’s very shiny.” said the King.

“Well, that’s the matter with you?” said the Sun.

“Catie disappeared again.” said the King. “Everybody thought that she was taking a nap on the bed of clouds, but the next morning, she had gone.”

“Then ask Mr. Wind. He knows a lot about her.” said the Sun.

“Thanks, anyway.” said the King.

Catie had a strange dream. She dreamed that she was chased after something evil.

She went into the universe, and after that, she fell in love with a mosquito.

She met Mr. Wind, and she was told not to fly faster than the wind.


She didn’t know what came after what.”

She thought they were only dreams, but she felt she was wrong.

She wanted to know the truth, because the dreams were too vivid.

“Anyway, the best way to know about this universe is…” she remembered the last sentence.

“Zen Fuwa!”

The Zen Fuwa made her nothing.

“Mmm? Was it a series of dreams?” said Catie.

She tapped her knee.

Suddenly, her body went into the Fuwa-Fuwa mode.

“Oh, can you hear me?” said Welter.

“Hi, Welter. I wonder where I am.”

“You are in church!”

“You’re about to get married. Have you…? No. You’ve got to prepare for the ceremony.”

“Marriage?” said Catie.

“Yes. You and Joe are going to get married soon.” said Welter.

“Great! With Joe!” said Catie.

“But where do we get married? Here? In this church?” said Catie.

“Ah… Do you still remember about Oedo?” said Welter.

“Oh yes, I do!” said Catie.

“I was Okei in Oedo, and he was Soushi!” said Catie.

“Yes, yes, yes!” said Welter.

“But I haven’t prepared anything. What shall I do? Where can I get the dress?” said Catie.

“I wonder if Joe is ready.” said Welter.

“Why did you forget about the marriage?” said Welter.

“I don’t know. Do you?” said Catie.

“No, neither do I.”

“OK. I’ll ask Mom. Wait for a moment, please.” said Catie.

She changed her body into the fairy mode, and went toward the direction of the woods.

The next moment she came back to Welter, she was armed.

“What?” said Welter.

“I think this is not a dress.” said Welter.

“Well, my sons are sick now.” said Catie.

“Oh, this is… Catie from the past, I guess.” said Welter.

He was wondering. The distortion of time and spaces?

“Armed?” said Welter to himself.

Joe was dreaming, too.

Joe was in the tropical rain forest, you know.

Beside him, St. John was asleep.

“Oh, I feel lonely.”

He made a Zen Fuwa.

“Well, I have to do something.” said Welter.

Mr. Wind was looking for Catie.

“Catie? Oh, Catie…!” said Mr. Wind.

“OK! I see. I have to reincarnate into a beetle! To save her!” said Welter.

“I know I can fight against the Witch, yes, of course!” said Welter.

“But what about the swords?” he was wondering.

He remembered how to get back to the past.

He made a Zen Fuwa again, and changed his figure into a beetle.

“I have to attack against the Witch. I have to be strong!”

“Wait for us, Catie! I’ll do my best!” said Welter.

“Zen Fuwa!”

He tapped his fingers, and disappeared again.

At that time, their master was waiting for Wetler’s back.

With Welter’s father.

“How about green tea?” said the master.

“Sounds great! I appriciate it.” said Welter’s father.

“Be careful, this is very hot.” said the master.

“But very strange to have some tea here.” said Welter’s father.

“No, no. A usual thing. I wonder cherry blossoms are in bloom outside.” said the master.

“Oops. I think I heard the same. Mmm? Where was it?” said Welter’s father.

“I don’t know.” said the master, smiling.


There was somebody.

“Somebody? Do you know where my husband is?”

It was Catie.

Chapter II

Catie said that she had missed her husband.

“The husband in the future or in the present?” said the master.

“My husband… in the present?” said Catie.

“So, you have already got married.” said the master.

“Yes, I have.” said Catie.

“Mmm?” The master wondered.

“I remembered you two had got married in the universe, Catie.” said the master, “With crown on his head, and Catie, with white dress, right?”

“Yes, you are right. He didn’t say where he was going.” said Catie.

“Wait for a moment, please.” said the master.

He consentrated on his mind, and opened his laptop.

“Can you hear me, Joe?” said the master.

There was no reply.

“I wonder where he is.” said the master.

“Did you say ‘Joe?'” said Welter’s father.

“Yes, I did.” said the master.

“I think Joe is in the past, or in the future.” said Welter’s father.

“We know.” said Catie. “Oh!”

“You are Welter’s father, aren’t you?” said Catie.

“I think we have met each other somewhere sometime. I don’t know where and when it was.”

“Well, Catie…” said Welter’s father.

“How about Japanese tea, Catie?” said the master.

“Thank you.” said Catie.

“Thank you. It was good.” said Welter’s father.

They looked at each other.

“Have you ever met with Joe?” said Catie.

“Yes, of course. We have been good soul mates.” said Welter’s father, “In Oedo, we were friends. His name was Soshi.”

There are so many visitors I have in my room every day.

Sometimes, I don’t know when and where they are from.

Catie says she doesn’t know where Joe went, and I can’t make an access to his soul today.

When he died, he came back into my soul.

He died as the king of mosquitoes, and he reincarnated into a fairy.

Finally, he has got a total body again as a human being.

You know, I cannot tell about their futures.

“Oh, this is the distortion of time and spaces.” said the master.

“Still missing?” said the King on the clouds.

“Yes. We can’t find her yet.” said the Archangel.

“Well, I can’t help serching for her.” said the King.

“The king yourself?” said the Archangel.

“Well, tell everybody I am leaving here. I’ve got to go down the clouds.”

“Wait, wait!”

“Bye!” said the King. “Zen Fuwa! To Catie, to the present time!”

He tapped his fingers.

Suddenly, a big thunder struck the roofs of the church.

“I think something’s wrong.” said the King.

Catie was there, saying something to herself and she made a Zen Fuwa to the woods.

“Oh?” said the King.

Again, she disappeared in front of him.

And the shock the King got made him forget everything.

“Oh, it’s raining.” said the King.

“A good church, isn’t it?” said the King.

Chapter III

The King went into the church, without thinking anything.

“I like to be here.” said the King.

All around him were a lot of candles without fire.

The king tapped his fingers.

All the candles caught fire.

Yes, he has got a spiritual power.

He tried to remember something.

Something special happened in his old days.


He rose his feet and walked toward the virgin road.

With his eyes closed, he remembered his wife’s face.

“Oh, dear. I miss you!” said the King.

“Who’s there?” said somebody.

“Oh, sorry. I am.” said the King.

“I thought the candles were off.” said the man.

“If you mind, I will put them out.” said the King and tapped his finger again.

“All the candles, off!” said the King.

And all of a sudden, all the candles were put out.

Outside the church, it was raining heavily.

Another lightning struck the church.

Somebody screamed.

“No! Why on earth do I have to appear like this?” said a lady.

“Oh, sorry, my dear.” said the King. “I was lonely.”

“Why not be here? In the church?” said the King.

“I said to you in my heart, ‘I missed you.'” said the King.

“And then you appeared.” said the King.

“Please be careful on the groundside. You’ve got a special power.” said the lady.

“It seems to be.” said the King.

“Mister? If you don’t mind, We would like to be here for another moment.” said the King.

“With candles on?” said the man.

“Yes?” he tapped his finger again.

“Music, start!” said the King.

A pipe organ started to play the music he liked.

The King was a great fan of classical music.

Especially, Bach.

“I want to confess something, my dear.” said the King.

“NO. Not again on the ground!” said the Queen.

“OK, then. I’ll keep it in my heart.” said the King.

“I want to see my daughter’s face as soon as possible.” said the King.

“You mean, Catie?” said the Queen.

“Yes.” said the King. “I feel lonely and I wonder where Joe had gone.”

His finger touched something.

Two lightnings struck the church again.

“I wonder what is happening to the church.” said Welter.

Four lightnings struck the church in an hour.

Something strange must be happening.

And he wondered where Catie was.

He tried to fly to the church.

A lot of heavy rain was falling to the ground.

He couldn’t fly in the rain as he was a mosquito.

Well, the King had the same eyes as Catie.

Dark green, just like the woods she was born in.

And in the same light could be seen a deep kindness and a little loneliness.

In heaven, he acted like a King, of course.

But on the ground, he was just a man in loneliness.

He couldn’t forget what happened while he was alive.

Chapter IV

All the candles seemed brighter.

From heaven, a lot of heavy rain was falling to the ground.

The sky was dark, and the lightnings struck the church.

“Oh, no.” said Catie. “I wonder where I am.”

“Ouch. I seem to hit my back.” said Joe.

The tap the King made have them appear in the church.

They were all wet.

“Come along with me, unless so, you’ll catch a cold.” said the man.

“Thank you for saying so.” said the King.

They followed his words.

“Change clothes here.” said the man.

“And ladies? You may have a room for your own. This way.” said the man.

“Thanks a lot.” said the two.

“Oh, Mother!” said Catie.

Yes, she was her mother, the Queen in the heaven.

After fairy’s reincarnation, she got back to the position.

“I looked around everywhere. I couldn’t find you. Where have you been?” said the two in the same tone.

They laughed.

Yes, a daughter will look after her mother.

“I was sleeping on the bed of clouds. I had strange dreams.” said Catie.

“Uh huh?” said the Queen.

“And I fell in love with a mosquito.” said Catie.

“MOSQUITO?” said the Queen.

“Named Joe.” said Catie.

“I don’t know about the mosquito, but I know where Joe is.” said the Queen.

“Really?” said Catie. “I want to see him soon! Where is he?”

“Just behind the door.” said the Queen.

“You are a liar.” said Catie.

She thought she was kidding her.

“Joe? Can you hear me?” said the queen.

“Yes, I can. I don’t know who it is, but wait for a moment please. I’m changing my clothes here.” said Joe.

“Two moments!” said the King.

“Darling, please tap a dress for her.” said the Queen.

“I know you are getting married soon, you know. I have a special power on the groundside, too.” said the Queen.

She knew it was coming.

Catie changed her clothes into a white dress.

The queen tapped her fingers too, to make it brighter.

“Do I look alright?” said Catie. She was a little bit nervous.

“Yes, you look wonderful.” said the Queen.

“Are you ready, Dar?” said the Queen.

“We are ready.” said the King.

“Why am I wearing a tailor?” said Joe.

“Don’t worry, this is inside the church.” said the King.

The King knew the Queen can read minds and the future.

And she had sent a secret message to her husband.

He knew it would come.

All of a sudden, Joe’s chakra started to open.

Not only from his forehead, but from all his chakras.

“Wow, you look greater than before.” said the King.

“You are my…?” said Joe.

“Oh, don’t you recognize me?” said the King.

He tapped his fingers and made a crown on his head.

“Oh, you are the King!” said Joe.

“We are going to have a wedding ceremony here.” said the King.

“You and somebody?” said Joe.

“No. You and somebody.” said the King.

“Ah, please wait. I’m confused. Anyway, I have someone special.” said Joe.

“Oh, I know. You mean Catie, right?” said the King.

“How’d you…?” said Joe.

“Pipe organ, start!” said the King.

The music started.

“I hope it will stop raining soon.” said the King.

“I hope so, too.” said Joe.

Suddenly, the rain stopped.

“Wow, this is a miracle! You see? The sunshine!” said the King.

“I hope I can see a rainbow.” said the King.

It seemed that he hadn’t recognized his power yet.

A rainbow appeared through the clouds.

“I’m nervous.” said Joe.

The last time I got nervous was…

“Oh? Is this the first? I think I have already got two kids.” said Joe.

“Don’t worry, Joe.” said the King. “I like marriages.”

Chapter V

Yes, this was the second marriage for Joe.

But, the first marriage was with Catie, and the second marriage was with Catie, too.


Joe said to the King.

“I think this is wrong! I…I have to tell her that I have already got married with her!”

He went forward to the virgin road.

“Catie, do you understand what this means?” said Joe, and picked a strawberry out of his pocket.

“OH.” said the King.

“No, I don’t. Is this so special? For two of us?”

“For two of our children!” said Joe.

“Do you remember the disease? I mean, Malaria.”

“No.” said Catie.

“Anyway, I have to tell you that we have already got married!” said Joe.

“What’s wrong? Isn’t it the first time?” said Catie.

“No. The first marriage should be in the universe!” said Joe.

“In the Universe?” said Catie.

“Do you still remember the word, ‘Zen Fuwa?'” said Joe.

“Yes, I do!” said Catie.

“Why don’t you…?” said Joe.

“Zen Fuwa!” said the two.

Their souls soared up into the space again.

This time, Welter and Mr. Wind were with them.

“Congratulations, Joe.” the princess of the Moon gave him a crown.

“Thank you!” said Joe.

“I wonder where my parents are.” said Catie.

“They are still in the church.” said Joe.

“Let’s invite them.” said Joe, and he curbed his fingers, shaping like an ear.

“Can you hear me, King?” said Joe.

“We are in the universe, and I have got a crown.” said Joe.

“Mr. Sun is ready, too.” said Joe.

“And the princess of the Moon, too.” said Catie.

He felt her parents are joining them soon.

“Make a Zen Fuwa toward us, please.”

The king put out all the fire in the church.

They looked into each face, and nodded.

“I hope…” the King said.

“No, Darling! Not on the groundside again!” screamed his wife.

“to see a rainbow in the universe.” said the King.

The stairs of a rainbow appeared in front of the two.

“Catie, can you step onto the rainbow?” said Joe.

“On the stairs? Yes, I can!” said Caite.

“Now I’m on the purple.” said Catie.

“And indigo?” said Joe.

“And blue!” said Catie.

“Stay where you are now.” said Joe.

“The blue layer belongs to the 7th. I like that color!”

“Blue? Sure.” said Catie.

“This is for you, too.” said the princess of the Moon.

“Thank you.” said Catie.

It was a crown.

“And this?” Joe picked up a pair of sun-glasses.

“For the King.” said the princess of the Moon.

Joe stepped to the King, and he wore the pair.

He noticed the King was shedding tears.

The tears were running under his cheeks.

“Oh, Catie!” said the King.

“My Catie!” said the King.

She stepped toward the Milky Way.

Joe stepped toward the Milky Way, too.

And in the center of the Milky Way, they promised the eternal love.

They kissed, and nodded.

The master tapped his fingers.



He created a glass of Champagne.

The King was almost weeping.

The Queen tapped on his shoulder.

The marriage was established.

Now they were both happy, and Joe made a statement.

“Now I’m with Catie, and the king of all the mosquitoes!”

He read the red letters in front of us.

“Someday, in the near future,”

“We will be in harmony with the nature, and with all the surroundings of us all.”

“To learn harmony, we are here.”

“After some reincarnations, I learned that souls are thicker than blood!”

“Please keep friends with us!”

“I will do anything that I can for you, and you’ll soon know I am telling the truth.”

“Cheers again!”

The audience stood up, clapping their hands.

He dried the glass.

“Another one?” said Catie.

“I would like a tomato juice. I don’t know why.”

“I hope I want it with our masters.” said Joe.

“I hope so, too.” said Catie, smiling.

“Master? Can you hear me?” said Welter.

“Yes, I can hear you.” said their master.

“But I can’t see you because I can’t see the other dimension.” said the master.

“How do they look?” said the master.

“It’ beyond my description.” said Welter.

All the universe was celebrating their marriage.

But nobody knew what would come the next.

The danger was just behind them.

A scythe could be seen just upon the Saturn.

Chapter VI

A scythe could be seen upon the Saturn.

The Saturn was uneasy.

Because the Saturn knew they will bring harmony in the universe.

He didn’t like it.

If they should give birth to their sons, all the universe would be theirs.

The Saturn knew what this marriage meant.

“Anyway, we should hurry. We have to make them apart, and we have to send our men to them.” said the Saturn.

“Go ahead, my men. You have already known what would come the next. Tear them apart! This entire universe is mine!” said the Saturn.

A dark thick cloud was like a hurricane. He grinned with a smile.

“OH, great idea!” he nodded and touched his chin.

“I will make a medicine to deprive them of good memories.” he said.

“They will lose all the good memories, and soon, they will be in different eras.”

The devils were ready.

“Inject all the poison to his neck. I will cut his neck down while he’s asleep. No words will come out, and he is going to have another face.” said the Saturn.

“Give me his face, and I will be the king of all the creatures!” said the Saturn.

The devils came to his side.

“We are ready.” they said.

The two children were missing.

They were still playing inside the forest.

They were talking with wild berries, and they had just known there exists death.

“If I die, what will become of us?” said the little boy.

“Oh, you don’t know what the death is!”


“Mmm… Well, if you should die, you wouldn’t be able to see your parents face again.”

“No, we don’t want it!”

“I don’t either.”

“Mom? I want to see your face soon!” said the little boy.

“OH.” said the elder boy. “I think we are lost.”

They didn’t know which way to go when they came across the branches of the roads.

“Which way?”

They couldn’t read the letters. They were still too young.

“Mom!” said the little two.

They went into the distortion of times and spaces, like Catie.

If they should go into that direction, they encounter the past after the future.

Time doesn’t go forward like that of ours.

They would be adults, and kids, and finally die young.

The witch settled the pond of times.

Yes. It was a trap.

The pond was beside the river, and the same water was streaming around the wild berries.

The berries had no problems, but it might be harmful for children.

They might be in trouble when they eat the wild berries.

And they had already eaten them.

“Oh, I see.” said the witch.

“I will change the past and the future. So that these two children can’t see their parents again.” she said.

“If you are alive, that’s me, who is in trouble.”

“I will use this dog. This dog has got a good memory, and he is our friend.”

“Come on! This is the human scent. You understand? Tail them.”

The king was feeling a little bit sick after the marriage of the two.

“I feel lonely.” said the King.

“I feel lonely, too.” said the Queen.

“Have this medicine, and you’ll soon forget what you are feeling!” said an old lady in black.

“Who are you?” said the King.

“I am a stranger.” said the lady.

She had no right eye.

At that moment, Joe felt something uneasy.

“Well, Catie?” said Joe.

“You are from the past, right?”

“I don’t know. But I am feeling alright!” said Catie.

“Marriage — What a wonderful sound!” said Catie.

His chakra started to open.

It was a kind of sign that he notice the events from the future.

A series of information was coming inside him.

“Catie, stay where you are.” said Joe.

“I have to talk with our kids in the future.” said Joe.

He sensed their existence and tried to talk to them.

“Hey, my boys? I know you are here! Is anything wrong with you?”

“A stranger came to us, and sent us a letter.”

“A letter?”

“She told us not to open it until the year 2015.”

“Until the year 2015?”

“If you break this rule, your future might change a little, boys.” said the old lady.

“Don’t read it until the year 2015. Your futures are inside this.” she said.

The witch was sure they wouldn’t keep the rules.

Because kids will want to know the future.

Let it open, let it open, boys.

“The letter should be kept unopened.” said Joe.

“But where are you? I can’t see your figures well.” said Joe.

“Can you make a Zen Fuwa?” said the two.

“Yes, I can. But I don’t want to leave your Mom here.” said Joe.

“Oh, good! Mom is still alive.” said the two.

“What?” said Joe.

Chapter VII

“You mean Catie?” said Joe.
“Yes, Dad. She’s still alive, isn’t she?” said the elder boy.
“Of course she is!” said Joe.
“She is alive…” said Joe.

The word meant someday in the near future, Catie might leave this world.

“Do you have the letter with you now?” said Joe.
“I… No! I can’t read the letter. At least, until the year 2015.” said Joe.
“I have opened it.” said the younger boy.
“No! Seal it as soon as possible.”
“The letter should not be opened. But I am worrying about Catie.”
“What would come the next?”

At that moment, the Saturn was laughing, looking down among the dark clouds.

“Open, open the letter! And your wife and you will lose everything that is written in it.”

He noticed that the letter had once been opened before.

“Look! Somebody opened it!”
“Somebody had already lost his future! Ha ha ha ha ha…!”
“After Zen Fuwa, stay with your Mom, you alright?” said Joe.
“I will ask somebody to make a miracle. Somebody who can make Catie alive again.”
“Before she’s gone, I have to make an engagement with her.” said Joe.
“Catie, my dear. I have to tell you about the letter.” said Joe.
“A letter?” said Catie.
“Yes. The letter about our future. I don’t know who sent it to us.” said Joe.
“But I feel some strange feeling about it. It’s like a…”
“Curse?” said Catie.
“Yes, it is like a curse.” said Joe.
“Please don’t read it until the year 2015. I want to protect the happy future between us.” said Joe.
“Our two kids are with us. Can you appear in front of us now, boys?”
“No, we can’t. Because we can’t.” said the boys.
“Why?” said Joe.
“Because we haven’t yet been born on the groundside.” said the little two.
“You have just married, haven’t you?” said the little two.
“Yes. Just married.” said Joe.
“Yes. So happy!” said Catie.
“I feel wonderful! We are already with you, Dad and Mom!” said the two.
“But.. I think my feet are disappearing. I can’t stand on the ground.” said the younger boy.

The King and the Queen drank the medicine.
They were too good to be suspicious about the medicine and the lady in black.
Soon, the sad feeling was gone.

“Oh, good! Good medicine.” said the King.
“I feel better. But what was wrong? I cannot remember.” said the King.
“I feel better, too.” said the Queen.
“Who are you?” said the King in front of the queen.
“What a wonderful lady you are!” said the King.

The time flies fast, you know.
But the time is like a long river toward the sea.
If you use a motorboat, your life will be shorter.
Stop to think about where you are now.
Just remember not to go so fast.
To enjoy your life, don’t see the future in advance.
What comes next is the moment you have never seen before.
You can adjust yourself to the time, if you are ready.
Enjoy your ride, and feel everything you can feel at the moment.


Life is long.

“I feel something strange in my chest.” said Welter.
“Chest? Well, let me see?” said his father.
“What’s this? A letter?” said his father.

It was a letter from the future.

— I need your help, Welter. I still can’t find anybody who can make a miracle to Catie.
— I think she’s got the same disease as St. John.
— We are in trouble.
— Please come and see us ASAP.
— Joe.

Chapter VIII

— I need your help, Welter. I can’t find anybody who can make a miracle to Catie.
— I think she’s got the same disease as St. John.
— We are in trouble.
— Please come and see us ASAP.
— Joe.

“What was St. John’s disease?” said Welter’s father.
“Malaria.” said Welter.
“Anyway, we’ve got to hurry. We are going to make a Zen Fuwa to the future!” said Welter.
“Yes.” said his father.
“Zen Fuwa!” said the two, “to the future!”

Catie was in trouble.
She seemed to forget about everything she had done under the clouds, under some conditions.

“Joe? I feel strange.” said Catie.
“I feel my brains are melting down.” said Catie.
“I think I’ve got a fever.” said Catie.
“Was I wonderful? Over the clouds?” said Catie.

Did somebody make her intoxicated?

“Yes, you were wonderful. Do you remember about the church?” said Joe.
“Church?” said Catie.

Joe was going to be nervous. Is this the usual thing? For her?
Did she sometimes forget about everything that had happened to her?
Joe was unsure.

“Hey, is anything wrong with you?” said a cat in front of Joe.
“Oh, my…” said Joe.
“How are you talking to me, little kitty?” said Joe.
“I think your mouth is not moving like us humans.” said Joe.

She did not answer the question.

“I think she is coming to our world.” said the cat.
“Pardon? Your world?” said Joe.
“Yes, there is a world after death.” said the cat.
“So… You belong to heaven, don’t you?” said Joe.
“Yes, sir.” said the cat.
“She is coming to us frequently, sir.” said the cat.
“And she’s going to die?” said Joe.
“I don’t know.” said the cat.
“But you know Catie, and you have seen her in heaven?”
“Oh no!” said Joe.

He tapped his fingers and created a pen and a piece of paper.

“How did you do this?” said the cat.
“I tapped, like my master.” said Joe.
“I think you belong to heaven, too.” said the cat.
“May I?” said the cat.
“Hmm?” said Joe.

It lay on Joe’s laps.

“I can see the images of dreams you see.” said the cat.
“Am I dreaming?” said Joe.
“I think you’re wrong.” said the cat.
“I feel sleepy. Will you carry me to the bed, Joe?” said Catie.
“I can’t walk.” said Catie.

Joe helped Catie to lie down on the bed.
Her eyes caught Joe’s eyes.
Joe helped Catie to lie down on the bed.

“I have known you for a long time, Darling.” said Catie.

And she fell down.

“Catie, hey, Catie?” said Joe.
“Sir?” said the cat.
“I think I have to guide her to the world. Do you want me to guide you, too?” said the cat.

Joe hesitated.

“Don’t worry. It’s not the time she leaves this world. We have to discuss her future.” said the cat.

She seemed to have lost her consciousness.
And the cat suddenly disappeared into a light.
Joe rubbed his eyes.
It disappeared.

Joe wrote a letter of help for Welter.
Yes, the letter you read in the beginning of this chapter.
Joe didn’t know what to do for her.
He was now able to create something for him, and his spiritual power had got increased, but he didn’t know how to make Catie remember everything about the marriage.

Or should I say…

The cat was traveling to the dimension of light.
In the light world, there is everything, and there is nothing.
You will feel wonderful and satisfied in the light world.
It belongs to heaven.
Heaven has everything in itself, and there are no agonies or pains.
You may encounter the flashes of memories you have experienced.
The cat was searching for Catie’s memories.
Do you remember the two children between Joe and Catie?
They were traveling through the world of light.
They knew his father sent a message to Welter.
And in another dimension, they recognized their movement to the future.
The 5th, the 6th, the 7th, and…
They reached the future era.

It was a time of dreams.

Chapter IX

The little two found that their feet were disappearing.

Was it because that they had read the letters?

The old one grew younger.

The little one grew to be a baby.

But they had white strong wings.

Still, the old boy could talk, but the young boy got unable to talk any longer.

“Dah…” said the younger boy.

“Oh no! I feel we are younger.”

The witch grinned.

“Your entire memories will have gone in a few days, huh-huh.” said the witch.

“And you, too?”

She said to the King and the Queen in her crystal ball.

She knew the boys would lose their words.

She could see the secrets, through the crystal ball.

But not about the future.

The curse that she put on the boys was working.

Yes, unfortunately, they had read the letter.

“And you will lose your wife soon, Joe.” said the witch.

“Because I wrote your life, and your entire world will be mine.” said the witch.

“Wait!” said somebody.

“Ours.” said the devil.

Joe was wondering what would come the next.

The cat disappeared into the light.

And Catie was fast asleep.

He remembered the letter.

And in a moment, Welter and his father came to Joe.

“Hi, there!” said Welter.

“I’m here to save you!” said Welter.

“My father is here, too. He knows a lot about medicine.” said Welter.

“Oh, you surprise me!” said Joe.

“Let me see…?” said Welter’s father.

He checked Catie’s whole body in a moment.

Yes, he had an X-ray.

“I think she’s just caught a cold.” said Welter’s father.

“I don’t think you are right.” said Joe.

“Has she taken some medicine yet?” said Welter.

“I don’t know.” said Joe.

“Anyway, she went asleep. All I can do now is to keep her warm.”

“Use this medicine, and you’ll be able to make her at ease.” said the witch.

“It will taste of death, you know.” said the witch.

Do you remember the cat which appeared on Joe’s knee?

It has come to the world of light.

In another word, heaven.

She said, in a strong voice, that Catie should NOT come to the heaven now.

But she appeared in the world of light.

“Why? I want to stay here.” said Catie.

“Are you alive or dead?” said the cat.

“I think…? I don’t know.” said Catie.

She has got a crown of Angel’s over her head.

A crown seemed like a circle of light.

Where were they?

I know.

It was in her chest.

Chapter X

Catie’s chest was filled with light.

And her body was now little and thin as to stay inside her own chest.

No disease was found.

And her light over her head showed it was the light of her chest.

Like an angel’s ring.

The world was there for Catie only.

Filled with memories she had experienced before.

With Joe, of course, and with her mother in the forest when she was a fairy.

There seemed a beautiful, pretty, but strong soul in her chest.

Look there!

The moment she’d met the witch in the circle near the river.

Oh, no! How scary it was!

At that timing, a beetle crushed into the witch’s eye.

“Hey, Catie?” said the beetle.

“Are you alright?” said Welter.

“Can you hear me?” said Joe.


“Open your eyes!” said Joe.

She managed to open her eyes under a small light.

Joe was checking if her light was there.

“Oh… Who are these gentlemen?” said Catie.

“What a relief!” said the men.

“You slept over 20 hours!” they said.

“20 hours? Over the clouds?” said Catie.

“We were wondering if you have got the same disease as St. John.” said Joe.

“Have you got some medicine yourself?” said Welter.

“I… I don’t think I have.” said Catie, as she had forgotten what she was doing.

“Then what made her keep asleep over 20 hours?”

Joe remembered the letter.

The curse that the witch had made was still under control.

Somebody had already opened the letter.

“Can you hear me, boys?” said Joe. “From the future?”

“Yes, we can.” said the boys.

“Is it you that opened the letter?” said Joe.

“No.” said the boys.

“Then YOU opened the letter, Catie!” said Joe.

“Yes,” she said, “because it is already 2016.”


“I told Mom not to open before the year 2015.” the elder boy said.

“And what was inside it?”

“A smoke and a warm-hearted letter.”

“A warm-hearted letter?”

It read:

Dear Catie,

I am always wondering if you have remembered everything that happened in the past.

You sometimes lose the memories, don’t you?

Take this medicine, and you’ll feel alright.

I’ll put some inside this envelope.

You will have got enough sleep.

But please note: Some of the events you are going to experience will diminish in a moment.

Make sure to read these future in advance.

2015: Joe will marry you.

2016: You have got a little disease.

2017: You will get pregnant.

2018: You will give a birth to your first son.

2019: You will give another birth to your second son.

2020: The entire world would extinct in a moment, with your life.

Joe fainted.

Catie was smiling, looking for the future.

“Catie, who did you get the letter from?” said Welter.

“The witch.” said Catie.

“Why? She’s going to destroy our happy life.” said Joe.

“No!” Catie screamed.

Joe thought the letter should catch fire.

But something stopped him.

Yes! He thought.

“Give me something to write with.” said Joe.

“What are you going to do?” said Catie.

“I have to give the next moment to the future after 2020.”

“Great!” said Welter.

“Wait.” said Catie.

“I have already wrote down. Look the other side of the letter!” said Catie.

2020: The new world will appear after the end of the world, and Joe and I will get alive again without death.

2021: This entire universe will be filled with light and harmony.

“And I think you haven’t known about…” said Catie.

“NO. Not any more about the future!” said Joe.

Have I read about the future, you ask me? No, no.

But I think Catie has reached the point she wants to, whether she knows about it or not.

I think her inspiration is much greater than us, men.

A girl will tell the future.

Thank you.

Written by Masato Iwakiri Copyright(C)2009-2021 Atlantis英語総合学院 All Rights Reserved.