Mosquito III

This is the story of mosquitoes.
Enjoy their tiny world.

Chapter I

Welter was flying toward the direction of the center of the Atlantis Galaxy.
He had two swords with him, like a samurai.


He reincarnated into a human at last, like Joe and Catie.

His adventure to the past made it possible for him.

You may wonder what had become of him.

But, please let yourself know gradually.

Sorry for inconvenience.

“Father, I’m wondering if this is alright.” said Welter.
“No problem. Just tell me where we are going.” said his father.
“To the future. To the point when our master is in trouble.”
“OK. Well, it is strange to be a mosquito.” said his father.
“Don’t worry. No problem.” said Welter.

His father was now in a mosquito style.
He lent his clothes to Welter, and his body was inside his sleeve.

“I don’t know if I can use two swords.” said Welter.
“You don’t have to use them at a time.” said his father.
“Only one sword, you usually use.” said his father.
“What about the other?” said Welter.
“I don’t know how to describe it. But it is certain that you will save your life with it when you’re in danger.” said his father.
“Oh, I see.” said Welter.

Welter and his father was traveling beyond the 5th dimension.
Time and Space, adding Love is in this dimension.
Yes, the heaven starts at this level.

Did they die?
No, no, no.
Like you, they just made a Zen Fuwa, and something strange happened.

Welter was accustomed to reincarnating into a fairy, and reincarnating into another creature was the first attempt for his father,.

Welter learned some lessons from the life in Oedo, and could reincarnate into a human.
His father, as a beginner, of course, reincarnated into a mosquito. So, now his father’s swords were by Welter’s side, protecting from their enemies.

“There they are exploding!” said his father.
“Too late?” Welter upset.

A total darkness surrounded the witch’s body, and she exploded into pieces.
A strange aura, like a black smoke, came out of the room and it disappeared.

“Who are they?” said his father.
“My master. A teacher.”

“Oops. Who are you?” said St. John.
“Mmm? Sorry, I might have come to a wrong room.” said Welter.

“Father, I’m wondering if I could be a mosquito again.” said Welter.
“No, no. Have these swords with you very carefully.” said his father.
“What should I do…? If only Joe were here.” said Welter.

At that time, Joe’s ears sensed his voice.
“Who is it? Who is talking outside?” said Joe.
“Joe? Can you hear me?” said his FATHER.
“You know who he is?” said Welter.
“So long time to see you!” said his father.

Chapter II

“Do you mean that you have met each other before?” said Welter.

“Yes, of course. Here you see his eyes!” said his father.

“Mmm? I don’t recognize him.” said Welter.

“The same light, you know.” said his father.

“Impossible! They are of the same light! As the patient in Oedo!” said Welter.

“What’s happening there?” said St. John.

“Keep it secret between us, or… no, no, no.” said his father.

“Well, have you ever been to Oedo, Joe?” said his father.

“Oedo? What’s that?” said Joe.

“Oh, you haven’t.” said his father.

“Maybe later.” said Welter.

“I have ever been to the future, but not in the past. Oedo, you mean the past, right?”

“How’d you know?” said St. John.

“I’ve heard my master speaking about Oedo.”

“Yes, I did.” said their master.

“You once were a Samurai, too. Or should I say a swordsman?” said the master.

“When?” said Joe.

“In the bakumatsu period. You were suffering from pneumonia,” said his master.

“the name was…”

“Don’t. Please don’t. I hit upon something like ‘So-shi’ or something.” said Joe.

“Right! Your name was So-shi. And his spirit has come a long way.” said his master.

“So-shi, do you recognize these sleeves?” said Welter’s father.

“Uh…No. I don’t remember that much.” said Joe.

“Oh, I see.” said his father.

Joe wanted to know more. He asked his master if he was alright, and the master said, no problem.

“If you don’t mind, I want to go to the Oedo era.” said Joe.

“But I don’t know how I go back to the past and return safely.”

“That’s very difficult,” said his master. “and very dangerous.”

“Catie said so, too.” said Joe.

“Your wife, hmm.” said St.John.

St. John was thinking about something.

“Well, can I see my mother in the past?” said St. John.

“Yes, of course. But remember, I think your mother is waiting for you to come back as a human being.” said his master.

“Would you turn me into a human again?” said St. John.

“I can. But I don’t.” said his master.

“Why?” said the members altogether.

“Because you haven’t mastered three lessons.” said his master.

“Three lessons? To be a human again?” said St. John.

“Yes. Just go to Harvest and ask somebody. Maybe you’ll know.” said his master.

They looked at each other.

“Hey! Who is this Samurai!” said their master.

Chapter III

“Oedo, Alright?” said the master.

“Alright.” said Joe.

“Why don’t we…?”

“Zen Fuwa!” said the guests altogether.

“I’ll be waiting.” said the master.

“Why don’t you come with us?” said Welter.

“I can’t. But I can see your voices from this PC.”

“See our voices?” asked Welter.

“Yes. Like this.” said the master.

We would like you to be the king of all the mosquitoes.

“Do you remember? Joe?”

“Oh! This is…!” said Joe.

Yes, it was the timing Joe went to heaven in the past.

“I saw these letters when you died last time, Ka-kun.”

He smiled.

“Like this, in the verbose mode, I can see the letters and their vibrations.” said the master.

“So, even if I am blind in the other dimensions, I can see the letters. Just keep in touch with me. When you are in need of help, I can help you.” said the master.

“I see, mister.” said Welter.

But he didn’t understand him. He intended to write letters from Oedo.

“Mmm… Mister? Can you see these letters?”

Welter showed him so tiny letters.


He laughed.

“Just talk to me like usual, and I can read your light.”

“Oh, I see.”

“I can’t even hear your voice.” said the master.

“OK, then.” He said, “I’ll make a tap for you.”

“To Oedo era, around 18xx, Uraga! Make a Zen Fuwa.”

“Zen Fuwa!”

The four arrived at the beach.

The audience was there, seemed panicked.

They were yelling and running.

Some were pointing at the horizon.

“What is it?” said Welter’s father.

“I don’t know…?” said Welter.

“Mister? Can you hear me?” said Joe.

They sensed his vibration and it seemed he nodded.

“Why are they in panic?” “Isn’t it dangerous?”

“Ask them.” they heard their master’s voice.

“Hey, what is happening here?” said Welter’s father.

“Four Huge Black Ships have come to us!”

Chapter IV

Slight rain began to fall.

“Mister.” said a girl, with an umbrella in her hand.

“Do not get wet. It’s not good for you.”

“Thank you.” he looked into the girl’s eyes.

It was Catie.

She smiled gently.

In the Bakumatsu period, many young men lost their young lives for their dreams.

They wanted to change the whole system of the government.

They tried, and they won.

Welter’s father said nothing about it to his son.

He wanted his son to take part in the revolution, to make him a strong man.

“Visit a Dojo. Where there is someone called Jutaro. The Dojo is in Chiba.”

It was called ‘The Chiba Dojo.’

The sword school.

“Father?” said Welter. “Why don’t you become a human again?”

“Oh, I’ve almost forgot about it.” said his father.

“But, no clothes here and I want you to have the two swords with you. Ah…OK.”

He got into Welter’s sleeve.

“Let’s go!”

“You said let’s go but I don’t know where we are going.” said Welter.

“Go down the river.” said his father.

Chapter V

They went down the river, and got off near Asakusa.

“Here in Asakusa, we’ve got a dojo.” said the father.

“Dojo… Oh, I see. You want to have some clothes there.” said Welter.

“Ah, Yes. But that’s not all the reasons.”

“Do you intend to practice swords there?”

“No, I want YOU to practice swords there.”

“Me?” said Welter.

“Yes. To be a strong man, a man should strengthen his body.” said the father.

“Mmm. Not bad.”

When they reached the dojo in Oke-machi, they heard students yelling and beating against each other.

They looked inside.



They were practicing the swords so hard that nobody could notice their arrival.

“Mmm… Is there someone who knows a man called Jutaro?” said Welter.

Somebody looked back.

“I am. I am Jutaro.” said a man. “Do you want to enter our sword school?”

“May I?” said Welter.

“Of course.” said Jutaro. “Do you have the bogu, the protectors?”

“Oh, I haven’t got them yet.”

“Use mine. I don’t need them.” said a large and tall man.

“Thank you. I appriciate it.” said Welter. “May I have your name, please?”

“Ryoma Sakamoto.” said the man.

At the same time, Welter and his father noticed his eyes.

“The same soul as Joe’s and my master’s!”

Yes, they belonged to the same soul group.

A soul shines both in the eyes.

And near the fourth chakra, in the center of your chest,

your soul exists.

Same dimension, and the same space.

Sometimes, the color of your eyes are different from the ones you had in your ex-lives.


The same as Joe’s and Ryo-san’s.

Lives change, and souls learn a lot of things.

Maybe you’ll find somebody in your ex-lives.

Or should I say…

You’ve already had.

Chapter VI

On the street, Welter came across a girl with a charming smile.

“Mmm… I don’t know this feeling. I think I have ever met her.” said Welter.
“The girl at the Tea House, I know.” said his father.
“No, different face.” said Welter.

It was Catie, who tried to behave like another person.

Yes, she was guarding Joe.
Not as a guardian, but as a girl with a pure heart, she wanted to stay with him.
It was a secret.
Joe hadn’t recognized her, she was sure.
But if he should fall in love with her, what would become of the two?
It was Bakumatsu period, in Edo era.

Catie was called “Okei,” while Joe was called “So-shi.”
Catie didn’t know his history as a samurai.
So-shi was going to live a very short life.

Let’s change their destiny.
OK. Why not?

“So-shi, why don’t you make a Zen Fuwa? You don’t have to fight against your disease any longer.” said his guardian.
“You’ve fought enough.”
“Why not have another strong body? I mean, as a human again?”
“Good. Maybe I want to have some rest. For a short period.” said So-shi.
“You’ll get a happier life, I know.” said his guardian.
“How’d you know? And why?” said So-shi.
“I killed so many men.”
“Because you’ve fought for love and peace.” said his guardian.
Let’s not talk about the fight now. Here is an Angel. One of your masters.”

An Archangel appeared.

“Love is everything. Love comes from the light. Love is inside you.” said the Archangel.
“As long as light is inside you, nobody leads you to the hell,” he said, “but it should be your own light.”
“Is it my own light?” said So-shi.
“Oh, the same light your eyes have got.” said the Archangel.
I feel my body lighter…No! I have made a promise. I have to meet with a samurai.” said So-shi.
“How can I get back into my body again?” said So-shi.
“Oh. You don’t have to get back into your body now.” said the Archangel.
“Just make a Kuru-Kuru on the ground, and your body will now get enough density.” said the Archangel.
His mother was watching them.
“Go back to the Tea House, and say ‘Kuru-Kuru’ twice, and then, tap your fingers.”
He got a total body again.

“Oh? Is it you? Joe?” said Welter.
“Where is Okei and my teacher?” said JOE.
“Okei, look at me in the eyes.” said Joe.
“Look into your eyes?” said Okei.
Okei knew the whole everything, of course.
There he found a light his wife has got.

“And my teacher?” said Joe.
“Are you speaking to me?” a mosquito answered.
Joe felt his vibrations, and knew his teacher was above his shoulders.
Now Joe was free to reincarnate into any creatures.
“Be a fairy, myself.” he tapped his fingers.

He has remembered everything.

Chapter VII

“Why don’t we go back to the present time?” said Joe.

“I mean, where our master is.”

“Good.” said Welter.

“Can you hear me? My master?” said Welter.

He was fast asleep.

“No reply. Maybe he is intoxicated.” said Welter.

“How’d you know?” said his father and Joe.

“Just like as usual.” said Welter. “I can feel that he’s got drunk. I wanna meet him right now.”

“Okei, make a Zen Fuwa now!” said Joe. “I know who you are.”

“And St. John?” said Joe.

“Zen Fuwa!”

They got ready for going through the time and spaces.

“Master! Please get awake!” they said, altogether.

“Mmm… So sleepy.” said their master.

“We are ready.” said the time travellers.

“OK. Another reincarnation?” said their master.

“Mmm? We just want to see you now.”

“Then, tap your fingers, saying “Atlantis Rebel, and adjust to the present time!”

They followed his navigation.

They instantly moved into the direction to the future.

“Oh?” said Welter, “This is another space, I don’t know.”

It was in the evening. The sky was dark.

“What’s that?” said St. John.

There can be heard some explosions.

“War?” Catie was worried.

“No! Look at that!” said Welter.

There were a lot of fireworks above the river of Sumida.

“Great…! What’s that, mister?” said Welter.

“I don’t know… Mmm? Oh, I see. That’s the fireworks of Sumida.” he rubbed his eyes, watching the calendar.

“Have fun, you guys!” the master sipped another shot.

“I feel I am in the universe. So many beautiful stars!” said Catie.

The streets were full of audience and visitors.

They gave sighs everytime they got satisfied with the big flowers they saw in the dark sky.

Yes, they were the fireworks, and it was summertime.

Welter thought if he could reach the fireworks.

Joe stopped him.

Catie was beside his side, and St. John wanted to be a human again.

Somebody looked around and shouted.

“Hey? Who is this samurai?”

Chapter VIII

Catie didn’t want to move there.

“I wanna be here.”

“So do I.” said Joe.

“OK, then. Let’s leave them alone.” said St. John.

“We see.” said Welter and his father.

They went toward the center of the Atlantis Galaxy.

“Hi, mister. Long time, no see!” said Welter.

“Hi, Ka-kun. I was missing you.” said his master. “Well, where’s Joe and Catie?”

“Now they are alone, watching the fireworks.” said Welter’s father.

“Oh, I see. and this…” said his master.

“St. John. Call me John or Johnny.” said St. John.

“John, you want to be a human again, right?” said his master.

“Yes, I do.” said St. John.

“Have you mastered three lessons? About love?” said master.

“Three lessons about love? What are they?” said St. John.

“Oh, you haven’t known what they are. For example, ‘Friendship,’ ‘Mental Strength,’ and ‘Love for the others.'” said master.

“I didn’t know Friendship as a soldier in the forest alone.” said St. John. “But now, I have a friendship with Joe, Catie, Welter, and his father.”

“Yes.” said the master.

“Now you can tap your fingers, saying ‘Be a human again,’ and make a “Kuru-Kuru” twice on the ground.”

He did.

“Oh! Great!!! I’ve had a total body again!” said St. John.

“In the dimension of 3.75, yes.” said the master.

“The lesson goes on and on. To have a total body again, you should go farther.” said master.

“So, I can’t go back?” said St. John.

“Oh, yes you can!” said master. “You can go back to your country as a human again and stand in front of your mother.”

“Great, great!” said St.John.

“But she may not be able to see you. But I know you can make a contact to your parents.” said master.

“How?” said St. John.

“Here are two little boys. I know you’re here.” said master. “They will guide you. Would you please?” said their master.

“Yes, of course!” said the little two.

They were Joe and Catie’s children, and they were searching for their parents.

Ms. Wildberry had introduced them to their master.

“I’ll print this out.” he took a piece of paper and set it in the printer. “Wait for a moment.” said the master.

“This is the spiritual guide for Love.” said the master.

“If you’ve reached the 14th heaven, you can have a total body again.” said the master.

“I’ll do my best, sir.” said St. John.

“Sounds like a troop.” he smiled.

It read,

The guide for Heavens.

12th Atlantis Heaven Conditions. (Harvest—the world for the good)

Defeat your weakness.
(Don’t fall into temptations by the evil.)

Keep your friendship between you and the others.
(Heaven people only.)

Apologize about your past deed.
(to yourself, and to somebody, in your heart — not to tease his/her emotions again.)

Work for love to the others.
(That leads you to be happier.)

Keep on being meek.
(Just listen to the others.)

Be honest.
(Liar cannot stay on heaven, but you don’t have to repent.)

Go forward, for the higher heaven.
(One more step to better heaven.)

Sometimes, endurance is needed.
(Time can mend you.)

13th Atlantis Heaven Conditions. (New Harvest—the world for the educators)

Review the lessons.
(Check the conditions you’ve filled.)

Educate people in better ways.
(Maybe you can do better than you were told to.)

Keep the heaven rules.
(Do in heaven as the angels do.)

Don’t forget to brush up yourself.
(Brush up your soul by making good karma.)

Strengthen your body as well as your mind.
(Be healthier both physically and mentally.)

14th Atlantis Heaven Conditions. (the Star New Delta—the world for Angels)

Be pure.

Forgive those who are regretting their bad deed, (but don’t forgive those who are pretenders.)

Clear up your bad emotions.

Be in harmony with nature, and with the Atlantis Galaxy.

Keep away your material wants.

15th Atlantis Heaven Conditions.(the Star New Beta—the world for Archangels)

Help those who need your help.

Keep calm, and never get panic whatever may happen.

Get purer.

Go forward, to get to the higher spiritual level.

Give away the material wants.

16th Atlantis Heaven Conditions.(for Messiahs to be God or Goddess.)

Learn forgiveness from the great.

Be the best preacher.

Be strong enough to save this universe.

Know what the love is — about this space, about the spiritual rules, and about all the spiritual layers.

*Love consists of light.

*Light has 7 layers.

*To get to the higher heaven, your light should be greater.

*Love your mates as well as you love yourself.

*And then, Heaven will be filled with harmony.

Chapter IX

The little two guided St. John, making him Zen Fuwa again.

And they did, too.

Thier master stayed at his room, of course.

“I’m watching you!” said he.

“Go to St. John’s country, in the present time!” said their master.

It was America.

His body had already gone in the tropical rain forest, but he got a new body.

Healthier, and more handsome.

To the western part, three lights went.

There, can you see?

“Oh, much bigger than my master’s house!” said the little two.

“There’s also a large backyard!” said the younger of the two.

He stepped onto the grond, near the approach.

“I’m a little nervous. Can she recognize me? I’m wondering.” said St. John.

Two birds were flying above the roof of his house, singing merrily.

“He’s home! He’s home!” said the two birds.

The neighbor’s dog recognized him, barking.

“We were missing you, John!” said the dog.

But all he could hear was the song they sang and the bark the dog made.

He tried to push the doorbell.

His forefinger sank into the doorbell, and he couldn’t touch the doorbell.

“Oh, no. I think I’m still dead.”

And then, their master said to him, “Have you made ‘Kuru-Kuru’ twice?”

“That’s it!” said St. John. “I haven’t yet!”

He made Kuru-Kuru twice.

The doorbell rang.

“Hello? This is me. Mother?”

His mother immediately knew it was St. John. How could she forget his voice?

She was waiting for his coming back, but the government had sent her a sad information.

At first, she felt she heard wrong.

But she realized that THE DOORBELL RANG!

“Is… is it you? St.John?” said she.

“YEAH!!!!!!!” said St. John. “I’m home!”

He broke into tears.

“I was so missing you, and I dreamed about you when I was in the tropical rain forest.”

She could feel her only son’s skin, wet by the drops of his tears.

“Welcome back home, St John.” said his mother in a very little voice.

It was all that she could say to his son, and she broke into tears, too.

It was a very long time.

A very, very long time for the two.

She never gave away the will that she met him again in the future.

The hope came true.

Since his childhood, St. John was stronger than any other boy in his school.

And he led the baseball team as a captain, and his team won the regional tournament when he was eighteen.

Without the war, she would not have got so older.

“Master?” said St. John. “May I stay here?”

His master was strongly moved, and he tapped his fingers.

“I know you’ve done well, and I’ll allow you to keep the total body.”

“Can you hear me, St. John?” said the master. “I’ll make you alive again.”

He tapped his fingers.

“Now, you’re done, St. John!” said the master.

“Thank you very much! And I have a request. Please make my mother live longer.” said St. John.

“Longer? That’s very easy!” said his master. “Just make her into Fuwa-Fuwa mode, and rebuild her body, making some options, like ‘Younger, healthier and without wrinkles!'”

“And then?”

“Say ‘rebuild!’ and tap on top of her head.” said the master. “Don’t forget to make ‘Kuru-Kuru’ twice.”

He did, with the help of the little two.

His mother got younger and beautiful.

“Thank you, thank you very much!” said his mother.

The two birds were watching the miracle, and went into the direction of the church.

“St. John has come back! St. John has come back! He’s alive!”

The woods heard them, and all the mates he got felt something good had happened.

The village was surrounded with a strong light.


Secretly, Joe and Catie were following him.

Chapter X

There was somebody, too, who were waiting for his coming back.

His girlfriend.

She had made up her mind not to get married except to St. John.

She had been single.

She was in the graveyard.

As usual, she went to the church and visited the grave of St. John.

Two birds were singing merrily.

On the roof of the church, they seemed to look for someone.

“Hi, there! Are you looking for someone?” she said. “Good morning, little birds! I wish I could fly like you two.”

“Why?” said the little birds.

“I have been waiting for the Heaven’s gate to open. I don’t want to live any longer.”

“No, no, no! Don’t be so nervous.” said one of them.

She had got the ability of speaking with little creatures.

“I’m not nervous. If I die, I can meet my boyfriend soon.”

“My dear John.” she said, and stroked the gravestone of his.

The little two birds came close to her, and had a space of their own on the gravestone.

All of a sudden, she looked up at the bell of the church.

It was singing merrily.

“I’m going home.” she said to the little birds. “Take care, you two.”

On the graveyard was written St. John’s name.

Birds are not blind, but they couldn’t read the letters.

The words had no meanings for the birds.

Joe’s children happened to see the figure of an old lady.

“Seems to be lonely.” said the elder boy.

“Let’s go!” said the younger boy.

They changed themselves into the figures of faries.

“Hey!” the old lady said. “I haven’t ever thought of the existance of fairies!”

“Nice wings, and cute!”

“Can you see us!?” the boys were so surprised.

“I think my life is coming closer to an end. I’ll soon die.” she said.

“Please guide me to heaven, will you?” she said.

“OK, of course.” said the two.

“My life has been so lonely since I lost my dear.” she said.

“Bless you.” said the two.

“IF ONLY you were here, St. John!” she said.

“St. John?” said the two.

“How many St. John’s have you got in this village?”

“Nobody now.” she said.

They looked at themselves.

“OK!” said the elder boy. “I’ll guide you to the Heaven.”

He winked at his younger brother, and said something in his heart.

St. John felt like going outside.

Is there anybody who still remembered his face?

He was hungry, for there was no food for him in the fridge.

“Mother?” said St. John. “I’m going out. Where can I get good breads?”

“Oh, in front of the church, there’s one. ‘Tiffany’s'”

He set out for breads on his bicycle.

It was fun to go out on a bicycle, especially after some reincarnations.

He crossed the bridge, whistling the old song he sang.

“Oh, my love, my darling, I’ve hungered for your…”

His heart pounded.

It was a scent of his girlfriend.

He made a sudden brake.

He didn’t know what to do, and he seemed to forget everything.

Somebody was gazing at him.

Smiling gently, with tears in her eyes.

“Welcome home, St. John.” said the old lady.

Tiffany’s daughter was the witness.

She told them a long story, and there exists a miracle, she proved.

She was in front of the blackboard in her university.

“Anyway, you know.” she said,

“To know how to make a ‘Zen Fuwa’ is the easiest way to understand the universe.”

“Make your Atlantis Rebel, and?”

“Zen Fuwa!” the students said altogether.

Written by Masato Iwakiri Copyright(C)2009-2021 Atlantis英語総合学院 All Rights Reserved.