Mosquito II

This is the story of mosquitoes.
Enjoy their tiny world.

Chapter I

This is the story of love.
Love changes itself into various things, and it consists of light.

What has happened to the mosquitoes?
Where are they?

Now, let’s seek for their figures.

“Oh? Another master?” said Welter.
“No, no, no. It’s me! Joe.”
“Hey, what has happened to you? You’re a human! That witch?”
“No, I finally reincarnated into human. Here with me, Catie.”
“Who are you talking to, Joe?” said Catie.
“Welter. Don’t you recognize him?” said Joe.
“Where is he? Are you talking to a ghost?” said Catie.
“Nah… Hey, Darling. Just remember the days when we were mosquitoes!” said Joe.

In the strange dimension, has Catie forgotten almost everything?

“I can’t remember. Was I a mosquito? I’m sure I was a fairy.”
“Oh! Sorry.” said Joe, “Here is Welter, the mosquito.”
“Mmm… Oh, the one who saved me!”
“Yes, yes, yes! Now you’ve remembered me, ma’am.” said Welter.

But, she can’t hear his voice. Too little voice and too high vibration.

“What happened to you, Joe and Catie?” said Welter.
Joe answered.
“I went abroad. I made an Atlantis Rebel and went to a tropical rain forest to strengthen my poison. I had to save my master and young lives.”
“You went abroad, and that was the reason why I missed you.” said Welter.
“Thanks for saying so.”
“If you don’t mind, I would…” said Welter.
“NO! I’m not your master!” Joe laughed.
“Where is he?” said Welter.
“He is now in the center of the Atlantis Galaxy. The same place, you know.”
“Why don’t we…?”

“Zen Fuwa!”
“Catie, can you hear me? Zen Fuwa!”

Catie met Welter for the first time in three weeks. Long time, for mosquitoes.
Oh, sorry. I should have said, fairies.

They changed themselves into fairies. Now, Welter had very strong wings.

“We’re home, master!”
“Oh, long time no see! Where have you been?”

“Joe, in the tropical rain forest. Me, in the universe. And Catie…?” said Welter.
“I graduated from Magic School.” said Catie.

“Congrats, Catie.” said the master, “Now, you’re fairies. No need to give my blood.”
“Oh.” Welter disappointed.

“How about some drink instead?”
“Thank you!”

He tapped his fingers and made an excellent tomato juice.
“Will you talk to me about your adventure, Joe,” said the master, “over the tomato juice?”
“Of course, mister. I will.” said Joe.

It was in the tropical rain forest that I met St. John.
He told me that he was there after he came back to his country from the war in Viet Nam.
He said he had lost his life in 1970’s. As he came back, he couldn’t appear himself again.
His parents were still waiting for him.

And then, I taught him how to get to the universe and to reincarnate into another creature.
I recommended that he should become a mosquito, as a beginner.

He was a soldier, and had a very strong heart of justice.
He wanted to be stronger, like you, Welter.

“Thank you.”

He said he wanted to save little lives from Malaria. He died of Malarial fever. But, we wondered what we could do because we were mosquitoes.

So, we decided to try to make a contact to malarial mosquitoes.

“Had we better get armed?” said St. John.
“I think that we’d better show our friendship to them first.” said Joe.
“But how?”
“Give some blood?”
“Whose blood?”

Joe’s story goes on. But, it’s time to say good-bye now.

Thanks for reading.

Chapter II

We went into a forest to get in touch with some malarial mosquitoes.

It was a stormy night, and the lightnings of the thunder were tearing the darkness of the sky.

“Why at night?” said Joe.

“For our safety.” said John.

He seemed to be used to going through the forest in the darkness.

Joe followed him, watching the look of the sky.

There was a big holy tree in the center of the tropical rain forest.

As they came closer to the point, they could see a lot of mushrooms.

Near the mushrooms, there was a river.

“There they are!” said John.

“The babies of Malarial Mosquitoes!”

They tried talking with the babies.

“Kids, would you tell us how you get your poison?” said Joe.

“We know. But there are some conditions.” said one of them.

“Some conditions?”

“Yes, mister. First, you cannot use poison for anybody, especially for children.”

“We’ll make it sure.”

“Second, do not use poison for killing somebody.”

“Third, never forget that once you make yourselves Malarial mosquitoes, you cannot go back in the moment, you see?”

“Is that all?” said Joe.

“Yes, that’s all. If you understand, we will guide you.” said the little mosquito.

“We understand.”

They went into the mushroom houses near the holy tree.

They seemed red.

“Thank you, Mr. Mushroom.” said one of the Malarial mosquitoes.


“Here are our guests tonight.”

“On such a stormy night?”

“Yes. Foreigners.”

“How would you know that we’re foreigners?”

“Because you speak American English and the mixture of American and English English. I guess one of you are from Japan.”

“Oh. Smart boy!”

“Well, do you see the space between the moss and Mr. Mushroom?”

“A small river.”

“Right. Just take a careful look! The liquid has some poison.”

“Why poison?”

“Because Mr. Mushroom has it, too.”

“Oh, I understand. He is poisonous.”

They carefully put down the mouth into the liquid and brought in some fresh poison.

“Oops. I have never thought it tastes so much like a berry.” said Joe.

“Strange taste?” said the little mosquito.

“No, it’s more delicious than I expected. Try some, John.” said Joe.


They thanked Mr. Mushroom and the little mosquitoes.

“Mister, never forget the conditions!”

“We won’t!”

That night, they dreamed a strange dream. Because of the poison, they felt the distortion of time and space.

John was asleep, smiling like a baby.

“John, are you all right?”

“I feel wonderful. So happy. I’m seeing my Mom in my country.”

“That’s good. I’m feeling lonely.” said Joe.

John was feeling homesick in the foreign woods. He wanted to see Catie.

He couldn’t sleep well.

“John, I will be back. Stay there.” said John.

He made a Zen Fuwa.

The time shift had occurred in the woods, back in time, in the strange dimensions.

Catie was wandering in the woods, feeling lonelier than Joe.

Yes, the moment she met the witch. You remember?

They were going to get married soon, but Joe didn’t know what to do for her.

Because it was not the timing he should have appeared.

Again, he made a Zen Fuwa.

Another dimension. In the universe, Mr. Sun was shining and the princess of the Moon was preparing for something.

The crown.

Chapter III

It shone like a rainbow.

Not made of gold, but made of silver.

“Here it is, Joe.” said the princess of the Moon.

“No, not yet!” Joe shouted.

“I’ll be back, mmm… soon!” said Joe.

He flew away like an arrow.

“Zen Fuwa!” again, he made a Zen Fuwa.

He had a total body again.

Catie was there.

“Oh, Catie! Are you…?” Joe’s heart pounded.

“Mmm? Joe, I guess you’re from the past.” said Catie.

“I think you’re right.” said Joe.

She was not dressed in white, but in metallic silver!

She was armed.

“Have you mastered this?” said Catie.

She made a green laser beam from her forehead.

Joe stunned.

He could not say anything.

“I can’t say anything. Sorry about this.” said Joe.

“Don’t be sorry, my darling,” said Catie. “we are protecting the stars, the moon and planets from our enemies now. They come from the outer-space.”

“You mean, aliens?” said Joe.

“Yes, from the outer-space.” said Catie.

Joe was remembering something his master said, “Can you use your poison? To them?”

“Yes!” said Joe. “You should join us!”

“I can’t.” said Catie.

“Why?” said Joe.

“I can’t go back to the past because I don’t want to spoil our happiness.”

“Then, could I give a hand to you?” said Joe.

Without a word, she kissed his lips.

“Oh, I see.” said Catie. “You are now in the tropical rain forest, right?”

“Right.” said Joe. “May I help you?”

“Please help our children.”

“Children! “We’ve got children!” Joe was so happy to hear that.

“How many…?” said Joe.

“No. Don’t ask me of the information in the future,” said Catie.

“they are sick now.”

“Nobody’s home?” said Joe.

“A doctor is home, but no medicine for children.” Catie shed her tears.

“Then, why don’t you go to the future?” said Joe.

“How? Can you go back to the present time?” said Catie.

“Oh, I have forgot about that.” said Joe.

“I should have injected some vaccines to our sons.” said Catie, crying.

“What vaccine?”


Chapter IV

“Malaria…” said Joe.
“High fever and so much sweat.” said Catie.

“I..I will save young lives, and bring a friend of mine, St. John.” said Joe.
“Are you going to stay here?” said Joe.

“Wait. I’ll ask Mom to stay with them, and I will follow you.” said Catie.

She made an ear with curving her thumb and forefinger.

“Can you hear me, Mom?”

Joe felt her mother’s vibration from somewhere.
Finishing the conversation, Catie got ready.

“Zen Fuwa! Go to the tropical rain forest, beside St. John!”

They made a time travel to the past.

St. John was still sleeping as a mosquito.

“Morning, John, I’m home!”
“Where are you? Mmm? Joe?”

“Oops. I forgot about this. Catie, let’s become faries.”
“OK. Be a fairy!”
She tapped.

Still she was in metallic silver.
Joe had strong wings again and the chakra started to shine.
“Be a fairy, St. John!” said Joe.

It seemed that their aura was getting brighter and brighter.

The aura of Love and its color was white.
Alpha waves could be felt.

“Wow! Who is this beautiful lady?” said St. John.
“Catie. My wife.” said Joe.
“How do you do, mister…?” said Catie.
“John. Call me John or Johnny. How do you do, ma’am?” He took a bow.
They smiled.

“Now, we’ve got to save our children. Please help us think about saving them from Malaria.”

“Malaria? Oh, I am…?”
“Fairy. Now, your wings became stronger.” said Joe.
“You sound like our master.”
Catie smiled. For the first time since their children became sick.

“Well… Now your children have got Malarial Fever, right?”
“Right. They’ve been sick for a few days.”
“How old are they?”
Catie hesitated. It’s the information from the future, but she said, “Two and three.”
“So hard, for little kids. I died of Malaria. I know how they feel.”
“How about asking malarial mosquitoes?” said Joe.
“Good. The liquid, as a vaccine!” they nodded.

The three headed for Mr. Mushroom.
“Are you still there, kids?”
“Oh, the same guys?” said Mr. Mushroom.”
“I have a question to ask you. Is it all right to use the liquid as a vaccine to little kids?”
“No problem. But, you should consider the amount.”
“What amount?”
“Sorry. I don’t know.” said Mr. Mushroom.
“Anyway, I would like to bring back the liquid. May I…?” said Joe.
“You have already got.”
“As a poison, yes.” said Joe.
“Why not mix it with your aura?” said Catie.
“How?” said Joe.
“I learned it at the Fairy School.”

Chapter V

“Why not mix it with your aura?” said Catie.

“I learned it at the Fairy School.”

The three headed for the children, and beside them were Catie’s mother and a doctor.

“They are in a serious situation. So much sweat.” said the doctor.

“NO!! We’ve got to hurry!”

“Wait here, Catie and John.” He made a Zen Fuwa.

“Zen Fuwa, to the point where they were still healthy!” said Joe.

Joe went back to seven days before, when they were having lunch together.

“Take it easy. Do not move, my boys. — and please don’t beat me.”

Joe changed himself into a little mosquito, which has malarial poison.

He grew up his white aura, saying, “External and internal aura, ON,” like his master does.

His poison got weaker, and the aura of θ, the light of mercy got stronger.

“Help me kill the bad things, and may this poison never hurt my kids!”

He hesitated.

But, the time limit has been coming to an end.

He carefully injected a little amount of poison into his children.

As soon as he pulled out his mouth, he flew back to where he was.

“Catie? Are they…?”

“Oh, Darling! I’ve been wondering when you would be back.” said Catie.

He changed his figures into a fairy again.

“The Future has changed. They are now playing in the forest.”

He sensed a strange feeling. Forest… Isn’t it dangerous for the little two?

“Forest? Where there are wooden bridges?” said Joe.

“Yes. Where there are a fairy school.” said Catie.

“But there you lost the way!” said Joe.

“Don’t worry. They are not mosquitoes or fairies. And the dimension has been well known among us.”

“That witch…?” said Joe.

Their heart pounded.

“No! We’ve got to hurry! There they might have been infected!”

It might have been only the timing or the order, he was thinking.

“Where’s John?” said Joe.

“Get armed! We’re going into another forest.” said Joe.

The party left the house.

Above the sky, a crescent moon was coming up through the clouds.

And the two children haven’t got back yet.

Chapter VI

“It’s good. Shall we take this back to Mom?”

“Sound good. Yes, let’s!”

The two kids were tasting wild berries.

The wild berries were there, just beside the mushroom.

Yes. Near the center of the woods, beside the holy tree.

“Mr. Mushroom?” said one of them.

“Yes?” said Mr. Mushroom.

“May we bring them back from this forest?”

“Ask the wild berries.”


“Is anything wrong with you? Little boys?”

“We have already had some.”

“Wait!” said the Mr. Mushroom.

“You have already eaten some, you said so?”

“Yes. I am sorry.”

“No need to be apologized. Just take care if you feel the distortion of time and spaces.”

“What will happen?” said the little two.

“In case of the worst, you will get high fever and there’s a possibility that you might die of malaria.”

“If we die, what would happen to us?” said the other.

“You don’t know what the death is… Oh, God save them.”

“There you are!” shouted Catie.

“Oh, Mom!”

She held them tightly in both arms.

Joe was hiding at the back of her.

It was not the timing he should appear.

“Joe, are they your kids?” said John in a little voice.

“Yes. Look into their eyes.”

Their eyes showed the strong and pure light just like their parents had.

The same soul group as Joe belonged to.

“Hey, you boys? What were you doing? I was so worried about you.”

She kissed their foreheads.

“We were taking these berries for you, Mom.” said one of them.

“Oh, thank you!” said Catie.

“Wait. Those berries have…” said John.

“Malarial poison!”

Their master felt uneasy at that moment.

“I think I’ve caught a cold.”

He made a tap before drinking his whiskey.

“Be a good medicine for me, Mr. Whiskey.”

He fell asleep.

In the universe, Welter was wondering if he should be a beetle again.

“No, it’s not the timing. I would rather travel to the past.”

He was thinking about meeting with his father.

“Is there anyone who knows how to get back to the past?” said Welter.

“Why don’t you ask Joe?” said somebody.

“He is absent now. I don’t know where he is.” said Welter.

“Too bad. Then, ask the princess of the Moon.”

“Thank you for your advice,” said Welter. “Zen Fuwa!”

Welter was flying for the moon.

“I don’t know if I can get to the Moon. Too far away. How many days should I spend?”

The Sun laughed.

“Too slow, you guy. Why not use the command?”

“Command of what?”

“You made a Zen Fuwa, right?”


“Just tap your fingers, saying that you go to the Moon, that’s all.”

“Thank you, Mr. Sun!”

Welter did what he was told and he found himself flying over the Moon.

Chapter VII

“Who are you?” asked somebody.

“I’m Welter. The mosquito.”

“Whether you are a mosquito or not, if you are male, you cannot come to the moon.”

It was the princess of the moon.

“Because the moon belongs to women.”

“I’m sorry to be here. I’ll get back.” said Welter.

“Wait. What made you come here?” said the princess of the moon.

“and do you happen to know how to get here?”

“Yes, I made a Zen Fuwa.” said Welter. “and the answer to the first question is… that I wanted to meet Joe or my father. Do you know how to get back to the past?”

“Sorry. I know, but it’s a top secret,” said the princess of the moon.

“because it can be dangerous for you.”


“Yes. Sometimes, the future can change.”

“If it works properly, you may have a good future, but that’s one of the cases.”


“Also, there is no past in the Atlantis Galaxy, you see?” said the princess of the moon.

“I don’t understand.” said Welter.

“OK, then. I’ll send you to your father immediately.” said the princess.

“Without knowing where he is?” said Welter.

“Yes.” she smiled.

After she made a command, Welter found flying above the red carpet.

“Oh? I wonder what I was doing.” said Welter to himself.

“Here you are.” said a beautiful lady in Kimono.

“Thank you, I’ll be glad to.” said a samurai with two swords.

“Wait, wait, wait.” said Welter.

“That man’s eyes have the same light of mine!”

He flew to the man, beside his neck.

“Why is my father a human? Mmm…?”

He was confused.

“Oh? Somebody is talking to me. Who are you? Is it you, Mosquito?”

Welter was very surprised.

“Can you hear me speaking?”

“Yes, in a very little voice.”

“It is strange, of you, mister. To have a conversation with a mosquito.” said the lady in Kimono.

“Is it?” said the samurai.

“Today, windy. The sky is blue. Why not follow me? I’ve got to meet my friend, who is sick now.” said the samurai.

“Who are you talking to?” said the other two.

“To both of you.”

Welter followed him.

On the side, where they were, was a Japanese style cafe.

He was having a cup of Japanese green tea on the street.

and the other side, there ran a river.

That river was called “Sumida-gawa.”

“Excuse us two.” said the samurai to a boatman.

They traveled on the boat, to the nearest point where his friend was.

“I… I’m so glad to have a date with you, mister! On such a sunny day.” said the lady in Kimono.

“You see? There are cherry blossoms on the bank. Let us get there.” said the samurai.

Welter hesitated to ask him where they were, as the two were in a very good mood.

“I would like you to stay here, until I come back.” said the samurai.

“Why? I’ll follow you.” said the lady.

“No, no. He’s got a disease in his chest.”

“Oh, you mean…”

“Yes, pneumonia.” said the samurai.

Chapter VIII

In the sanatorium, a young man was sitting beside the window.

As he noticed the visitor coming, he was very delighted.

“Again, I can see you. I am alive.” said the patient.

“How are you?” “Better than before?” said the samurai.

“Yes, I feel my body lighter.” said the patient.

“Tell me about your thoughts after you leave here.” said the samurai.

“Sorry, I can’t think of anything.” said the patient.

“Wanna have a tea? Without bitter medicine?” said the samurai.

“Yes. Sounds good.” the patient smiled.

“Here with me, I’ve brought you this.” said the samurai.

It was a little branch of a cherry blossom.

“No, you don’t!” said the patient.

“Somebody? Please let us drink some tea, without medicine?” said the samurai.

“Yes, wait for a moment.” said somebody.

Over the Japanese green tea, they made a small Ohana-mi.

“I wonder if I am still alive next spring.” said the patient.

“No matter what you may say, I have to inform you that no man can live without death.”

“I don’t want to die on tatami here.” said the patient.

“I was waiting for you to say so.” said the samurai.


“Let’s go outside. Life is very short. Can you walk?” said the samurai.

“I manage to.” said the patient.

“Next time I see you, you’ll get much better, I’m sure.” said the samurai.

Nobody would know that Welter put some alpha wave tablet into the tea he drank.

They left the sanatorium.

“Remember? The tea house at the river?” said the samurai.

“No, that’s too far.” said the patient.

“Then, how about the bank of the river instead?” said the samurai.

“I think cherry blossoms are in full bloom there.” said the patient.

“Maybe you’ll know later.” said the samurai.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting so long.” said the samurai to the lady.

“Oh, mister.” said the lady.

The samurai sat between the lady and the patient.

He laid his body on the grass.

The patient laid his body, too.

“I’m just wondering where the clouds come from.” said the samurai.

“Why do you think so?” said the lady.

“Mmm? I just want to know, that’s all.” he told her in a little voice.

“Why don’t we take a nap? Here?” said the samurai.

“Sounds great.” said Welter.

“Oh, if only Joe were here with us.” said Welter.

“Who is it? That is talking in a little voice?” said the patient.

“Oh, you too!” said the lady.

“Welter, the mosquito.”

In the universe, the sun was watching at the surface of the ground.

But you know, mosquitoes are too tiny.

He couldn’t see any signs of the mosquitoes there.

“Well, well well. OK, then. I’ll ask Mr. Wind.”

On the river bank, where there are a lot of beautiful cherry blossoms, the four was taking a nap.

A gentle wind blew through their cheeks.

“Oh no! I don’t like windy days!” said Welter.

He was blown to the branch of the Cherry blossoms.

He could see them sleeping.

“Hi, remember me?” said the Wind.

“Oh, Mr. Wind! What has brought you here?” said Welter.

“It’s time to get awake. Aliens are coming to us.”

Chapter IX

Welter rode on the back of the Wind.

“Mister, I want to go back to the present.”

“OK, then. Just make a Zen Fuwa.”

“Is that all?”

“No, you need to call the destination, and the time.”

“Oh, I see.”

“But wait. Why to the present? Aliens are coming to us!”

“You’ll know why later.”

“Zen Fuwa, to my master, to the present!”

Welter found himself flying beneath the ceiling.

His master was lying with his eyes closed.

He looked pale.

“Whiskey! Hey, Mr. Whiskey, what is happening to him?”

“He took an alpha wave tablet.” said the Whiskey. “I think he is in an
unusual condition.”

“No… OK, then. Thanks anyway.” said Welter.

“Please take care, mister. I will be back.”

Welter made a Zen Fuwa again.

To our disappointment, the master cannot make a Zen Fuwa.

If he does, the earth might be overridden by somebody.

Until another master comes to his level, he is not destined to die.

In the forest, Joe heard somebody speaking to him.

“No need to worry about the wild berries!”

“Who is it?” said Joe.

“Ask the wild berries.” He heard a lady’s voice.

“Thanks.” said Joe.

He carefully changed himself into an aura mode, and asked the wild berries.

“Please keep it secret, just in case we might not be heard.”

“OK. What?” said the wild berries in a very small voices.

“Have you got malarial poison?”

“Yes, a little.”

“Is it all right for these little two to get it?”

“I think it is no problem.” said one of them.

“Oh, Jesus! Thank you.”

He flew back to St. John.

“Thank you, John. Wild berries told me that it’s no problem for them to get some.”

They were relieved.

So relieved that they could hardly recognize about the eyes that were shining behind the bushes.”

“Dad?” said one of the two.

“Dad? Where are you? I know you are here!”

They seemed to have the same ability that their father had.

Yes, I mean, Joe’s.

Suddenly, the eyes flew near to the little two.

“Good eyes!!”

“What… what are they?” screamed Catie.

St. John was glad to have got armed. “You are aliens, aren’t you?”

“It’s none of your business! I am going to have the kids, OK?”


Joe changed himself into a human again, armed.

St. John was ready to inject the poison, in the mosquito figure.

And all of a sudden,

The chakra opened at the kid’s forehead.

A great white laser beam burnt the alien’s eyes.


They stunned.

“Toooooo great…” said St. John.

It was like a flash from the star.

Heat could be felt, too.

“Mom?” said the kid.

“Have you mastered this?”

In the forest, sometimes miracles will happen.

All the creatures gather the forest, and the forest power really exists.

Like this universe.

Well, I will tell you about the secret the next chapter.

Thank you.

Chapter X

In his room, their master was in a serious situation.

He looked pale, for his heart was being attacked by something evil.

Every bite to his heart made his body twisted.

Mr. Whiskey noticed that something wrong was happening, and called Joe.

“Joe, Joe! Can you hear me? I think your master’s life is in danger!”

At the moment, Joe was walking with his kids, hand in hand.

“Where did you learn the beam?” said Joe.

“From Mom.” His kid smiled. He looked very delighted.

When Joe was stroking his head, there was somebody speaking to him.

“Joe? Can you hear me? I think your master’s life is in danger!”


He remembered how he fought against his enemies.

He got a little bit nervous.

“Yes, I can hear you! Who are you?”

“Whiskey. His whiskey!” said the voice.

“I’ll be there as soon as possible!” said Joe.

He made a Zen Fuwa, without telling Catie where he was going.

“John? Aliens have come to our master! Keep this secret to Catie and kids.”

“Of course!” said St.John.

He didn’t know if he could save his master, but his soul was already there, with his friend, John.

“Mister? Are you all right?” said Joe.

“I manage to say I am all right.” said the master. “It hurts.”

“This is my friend, St. John. He’s also armed. Where is the enemy?” said Joe.

“I can’t see them. but I feel something strange in my chest.” said the master.


They looked into his chest, in the mosquito mode.

Something was destroying his heart.

“NO! What is it?” said St. John.

It looked as if it were a pineapple.

“Why weapon’s in his heart?”

Another explosion.

They looked back.

Behind their back, a strange figure was trying to destroy their master’s heart.

It was the witch.

“Hey!” said Joe.

“Why are you destroying our master’s heart? If he should die, this entire world would extinct in a moment!”

He didn’t know why he had said such a thing he didn’t even know.

Maybe it’s the synchronization of the souls.

“I’m Okay. Tell me where she is, Joe.” their master said.

“At the corner of the ceiling, there!” said Joe.

Their master tried to do something, but the very next moment, his body twisted again.

“You shit!” said the two.

Joe got armed, in an angry face.

“In the metallic silver!” said Joe.

“All the chakra, open!”

St. John carefully pulled out the gunpowder, and made a little plastic bomb from the pineapple.

“Joe, tell me when you’re ready.” said St. John.

There was no reply.

His rage against the witch was too much to speak to anybody.

The witch had only left eye. The right eye had been lost because of the attack by Welter.

“Can you use your poison? To them?” he remembered his master’s words again.

“Open, my chakra! You’ll know what the hell is!” Joe shouted to the witch.

He pointed to the witch’s heart, concentrating the light and his emotion.

The rage.

“Explode. You must die in a moment.”

Joe knew how to bring in the gunpowder from St. John, and he had been already ready for it.

The master tapped his fingers, at the timing when Joe finished his sentences.

The witch exploded.

A great hell darkness surrounded her body, and the witch got exploded into pieces.

Just in case she had her body again, Joe had brought in some malarial poison as well as the gunpowder in his light.

“Now, you’re done, witch.” said Joe.

“You know how to fight. Good job!” said the master.

“How painful it was!” saying so, the master woke up.

“You all right?” said St. John, with his eyes wide open.

“I’ve got used to these kinds of attacks from my enemy. Thanks for your kindness.”

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