Mosquito I



Mosquito I -Chapter One-

I am a mosquito. There’s no name for me yet. My master is a teacher. He feeds me every night. I like type-O, especially Rh+. At night, when my master wakes up to smoke, I never fail to come up to him.
“How are you doing, sir?” He never answers. He just rubs his eyes, with his mouth half open. He knows how to smoke, I think.
Well, we mosquitoes like CO2 with some alcohol. So, if you don’t want us to give a sting to you, just remember not to smoke with alcohol.
My ancestor, the Great King, is still a hero among us. There is a legend. He fought against ghosts and killed all the enemies of my master.
How did he fight? You ask me? Sorry, it’s a top secret. Some poisons with an X-ray will do harm to ghosts’ body. Oops. Just keep it secret between us.
We came from the outer space, you know. Almost all the insects I know are from downstairs below. Sometimes, from the window.
I’m not sure why I was born. I don’t even know the face of my mother. But, I’m not alone.
When my master drinks, I cannot help humming with a lot of joy. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
To tell you the truth, I hate flies. They have no delicacies in eating. Where are their manners? They do never mind in having dinner. My master never feeds them, of course. I hate them. I hate them because they gather.
A Lone wolf, you know? I respect someone who finds his way and leads his own life. Never gather. It’s not the mosquito style. The Great King was alone, too.


蚊 第一章





いかにして戦ったのか。拙者に尋ねるでござるか? 失敬。それは、トップ・シークレットでござる。X線にある毒素を混ぜると、悪霊の身体には有害でござるよ。おっといけねぇ。ここだけの話にしておいてもらいたいでござる。







Mosquito I -Chapter Two-

It was not until yesterday that my master came home after a long journey. I wondered if his blood was still fresh. His eyes looked so tired. I tried taking some. Hmm… He is a little tired, but not so much. I thought his temperature was higher than usual, and it tasted a little bit sour. I soon made a call to my friend.

“Is there anyone who knows about medicine? My master is in an unusual condition.”

“Sure, we’ve got many doctors’ mosquitoes here.”

“Send me some, please.”
“Wait another 20 minutes. It’ll take some time. Today, windy. Well, please let me know his blood type.”

“O, Rh +.”

“O.K. We will leave this place as soon as possible.”

“Thanks. I’ll be waiting.”

My master went downstairs. Oops. I hoped he would be back by the time they arrived. I followed him.

“Are you all right, sir?”

He shook his head. He knows how to speak with mosquitoes. He went to the fridge and took out a cup of yoghurt and ate it all. He went to the bathroom, with his underwear in his hand.

“Good.” I said to myself.

“Injection is very easy in this situation.”

“Open, open the window!” I sent him a message by buzzing in front of his face. My master opened the window without a word.

“Here we are.”

Doctors’ mosquitoes have arrived.

“Let me see? Oh, his throat seems red.” They scanned his whole body in a moment. They’ve got an X-ray.

My master was brushing his teeth.

“Set gamma.”

Dr. mosquito rapidly flew to his left leg and gave a sting to the thickest vessel.

“Just in case it itches, don’t forget to make him intoxicated.”


“I put an alpha wave tablet into his whiskey. Our medicine.”

“OK, I’ll make it sure.”

My master soon went to bed after a shot. A very rare case. I had never seen him falling asleep so rapidly. I hoped that he would get well as soon as possible and that he would feed me the fresh morning shot.

I thanked them, and went to bed earlier than usual.


蚊 第二章


「蘭学に詳しい者はたれかおらぬでござるか? 主人の調子がおかしいでござる。」
「O型、Rh +でござる。」
















Mosquito I -ChapterIII-

The mosquito was called Joe, the King of all the mosquitoes. He had the sixth sense and the third eye like my master. Like a fortune teller, you know, his hearing ability was beyond that of ours. His poison was so strong that no animals could ever move again when he gave a shot.

His heart sank. Too delicate to give a shot again. No blood could be given to him. He got weaker and weaker, until one day when my master appeared in front of him.

“Ka-kun. You all right? If you’re hungry, you can get a shot, about here.”

My master kindly pointed to his right arm. A thick blood vessel seemed as if it were calling him. Joe rushed toward his right arm, sticking his mouth into the vessel.

“Oh, it’s so delicious! Very kind of you.”

My master told him not to pour any poison into his body. Joe carefully pulled out his mouth. His eyes now seemed very vigorous.

This is how they got familiar with each other.

My master knows how to attract mosquitoes, I think. No mosquitoes have ever succeeded in hating him. This is the story from my dead father. I’ll have to tell this story, some day, to my sons.

Suddenly, my master began fighting against ghosts. But it seemed that he couldn’t see their figures well.

Joe appeared and said, “I’ll be your eyes and do my best, sir.”

“Thanks. Give me your position.”

“Right beside your neck.”

“How many enemies?”

“About five, sir.”

It is sure that my master is very strong, but ghosts appeared again and again in his room.

“Can you use your poison? To them?”

“Yes, sure, of course!”

“Wait. I’ll give you an X-ray.” He just tapped his fingers.

Joe convinced his victory. He took four. The last one had a gun in his hand.

“Just take care! He’s very dangerous.”

“No problem, sir. It’s a…”

There was an explosion. A big fire started to surround my master, in the 4th dimension.

“NO!” Joe screamed and attacked to his last enemy tearfully.

He got the last, wounded.

“Thank you, sir, for feeding me.”

“No problem. Do not die. You mustn’t die now.”

He was bleeding. My master tried showering an alpha wave to his body, only to succeed in relieving him.

“Thank you, mister. I feel light and no pain.”

“You don’t!”

“I wonder if I can see my parents again.”

“You can, you can, of course. I… I’ve got to… Yes! Transfusion!”

“No sir. I just want to get a good shot.”

He managed to reach the vessel and stuck his mouth into it.

He didn’t move. He seemed to be sleeping.

“Ka-kun, are you…?”

His body was still there, but his soul had gone into the space again.

A very strong light flew up.

“Ka-kun, I understand.” My master nodded.

His soul is now in my master’s, still saving him from his enemies.

We will never forget his bravery and this story must be passed down forever.


蚊 第三章







「蚊くん、大丈夫かい? おなかすいてるんだったら、このへん、刺していいからね。」












「毒素は使えるかな? 連中に。」


「気をつけろ! こいつはとても危険だよ。」

















Mosquito I -ChapterIV-

‘I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy.’

I like this song very much. Every time I gave a sting to a policeman, I had never forgotten singing this song. How did I sing? You ask me? I used a type of vibration. I’m writing this story, by using some kinds of vibration and my soul itself. My master types this story, throughout our souls. Yes. The Great King is here, too.

I died last night. Yes, I’m dead.

Last weekend, my master and I went for a touring. His motorbike has a very nice room for us mosquitoes. Inside the windshield, I felt minus G, for the first time among mosquitoes. So fun! My master told me not to go outside. I followed.

When we came to the signals near MOS Burger, a police car stopped right beside our motorbike.

“Wow, how juicy that looks!” said a policeman.

I thought, too. I was watching the policeman’s neck.

“Good Roast,” the other said.

“Yes, it sure is!” I said.

I couldn’t help flying into the police car. Oops. It’s a little bit cold. They smelled like deodorant.

“Hey, why don’t you smoke?” I said.

“We don’t smoke inside.” a policeman’s soul answered.

“Maybe afterwards.” said the other policeman’s.

Before the signal changing, I flew back to my master’s motorbike. Oh? He’s looking at the hamburger shop. “Good.” I said, “I hope we can meet again.”

“Master? I feel like having something.”

“Do you? Shall we go into this shop?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“OK, then. Let’s!”

We entered MOS Burger. Very cool!! Who lives here?

“Somebody?” “Can you hear me?” I looked for some mosquitoes, but there was no reply.

My master was ordering something. I looked up at the lady in uniform. So beautiful. But, she smelled of type-B. She was not a cup of blood, I thought.

“Two Teriyakis, please.” the waitress said.

“Two?” I wondered.

It was the policemen’s.

But I couldn’t see them. “C’mon, where are my Teriyakis? Sun-tanned Teriyakis.”

They were inside the police car. I flew to them.

“Oh, here they are!” I sighed.

I was so hungry, and the policemen looked so gravy, that I had forgotten if their blood type had been the same.

I shot the sheriff, but I shouldn’t have shot the deputy.

Later that night, my belly turned solid. Too heavy. Maybe the mixture of type-O and AB was doing some harm to my belly.


蚊 第四章


拙者、この歌が大好きでござる。警察官にちくりとやるときには、必ずこの歌を歌ったねぇ。どうやって歌ったのかって? 拙者に尋ねるでござるか? ある種の波動を使ったでござる。拙者、この物語を書いているのは、ある種の波動と、拙者の魂そのものを使用しているでござるよ。主人はこの物語を、我々蚊族の魂を通して打っているでござる。









信号が変わる前に、拙者は主人のバイクに戻ったでござる。むむ? ハンバーガーショップを見てるでござるな。「よし。」拙者は言ったでござる。「またお会いできそうでござるな。」

「そうかい? ここに入る?」

我々は、モスバーガーに入ったでござる。格好いいでござる! いったい、どんな蚊がここに住んでいるというのか。

「たれか、おらぬか? 聞こえるでござるか?」拙者は、蚊を探したでござるが、返答はなかったでござる。





しかし、彼らの姿が見えない。「どこでござる? 拙者のてりやきは。日に焼けたてりやきはどこでござるか?」







Mosquito I -ChapterV-

While the Great King’s soul soar up into the space, his parents were waiting for him to come.

“Joe!!” his mother said.

“Mother? Where are you? Am I dead?”

“Yes, oh, long time no see. We saw you fighting against ghosts.”

“Great Job. I’ve never thought you were so brave.” said his father, with tears in his eyes.

“Now, here is a great offer.” said his father.

“What is it?” Joe said.

‘We would like you to be the King of all the mosquitoes.’

These were the words from all the mosquitoes. He saw the letters above.

“Why are they written in red?” Joe said.

“The Brave Blood, huh.” said his father.

“How nice blood your master has!” said his mother.

“Yes, it’s so delicious and strong. I’m going to miss it.”

“Why don’t you accept the mosquitoes’ offer and join our soul group?”

“Why not? Of course I do!” Joe said.

There was a little mosquito watching them from the ceiling.

“Who is it?” Joe said. His parents looked up. Yes, he has the third eye.

“Oh, Catie! C’mon, Joe has just finished his life.”

Joe’s heart began pounding again. Now, he had the stronger body.

“Joe, this is…”

Joe blushed. In fact, this was the first time he saw a pretty mosquito.

“I’m Catie. I was so afraid. I couldn’t do anything for you. Sorry about that.”

Joe was too shy to say nice things.

“I…er I can’t think of anything. Sorry about that.”

They smiled.

Two weeks later, they got married.

Why do I know such things? You ask me? It’s because I am in the same soul group. The Great King’s Central Sun.

When you’re dead, your soul soars up into the space, and the guides will appear.

Maybe the same face, same atmosphere.

You’ll know and recognize them immediately.

Me? Yes, I’m single. I’m always looking up at the ceiling.

Blood is thicker than anything, I thought. But, I was wrong.

Soul is thicker than blood.

Now I’m trying very hard to be stronger. I might have to reborn as a different insect. I hate flies, but I want to eat watermelons. Juicy red watermelons.

Don’t worry. Our story goes on and on until some day my master becomes a real writer.

I have to leave you now. I have to fly across the ceiling.


No, this is my duty.


蚊 第五章


「母さん? どこにいるの? ぼくは・・・死んじゃったのかな。」


‘We would like you to be the King of all the mosquitoes.’




「あら、ケイティー! いらっしゃい。今ね、ジョーが一生を終えたばかりなの。」









どうしてそんなことを知ってるのかって? 拙者にたずねるでござるか? それは、拙者も同じ魂グループにいるからでござるよ。蚊王の、大いなる魂でござる。




拙者? うむ。拙者は独り身でござる。天井をいつも見上げているでござる。








Mosquito I -Chapter VI-

On a shiny morning of August, Catie was born. If you take a careful look at her, she would not seem to be a mosquito. In the other words, she was a fairy. Catie took after her beautiful mother, whose wings are very light, strong, like those of honeybees. She could fly higher than any other fairy and talk with the wind.

“Morning, Catie. How are you?”

“Good morning, Mr. Wind. Very sleepy. How are you?”

“I’m fine, thank you.”

“Is there anything I can do for you today?” said Mr. Wind.

“Hmm… I would like to make some friends.” said Catie.

“Want to go to fairy school?”

“Wow, that’s great!”

“OK, then. I’ll make an appointment for you.”

“No, sir. I will do it myself. Mother would be glad if I bring some fairies with me.”

She looked around. She was in a small forest.

“Where is it, Mister?” said Catie.

“Can you see the wooden bridges over the brooks?”

“No. I’ll go higher.” She flew up. “Oh, there they are!”

“Students learn in the circus near the bridges, I’ll let you ride my back and…”

She had already got off towards the river.

“Catie, Catie! Just remember just one thing.” said Mr. Wind.

“Do not fly faster than the winds! There are some strange dimensions around there!”

Her heart was filled with joy, and the words of his kindness could not reach her ears.

“Thank you, mister!” said Catie. I’ve never seen such…”

She disappeared. Mr. Wind listened carefully, but there were no words after that.

She was already in a strange dimension.

“Catie, oh, Catie!” Mr. Wind knew there was no method of saving her. What would the forest do to her destiny? Could she take care of herself alone?

A total silence covered the small forest.

Catie disappeared.


蚊 第六章


「今日は、何か力になれることはないかな?」 風が言った。


「どこ? 風さん。」ケイティは言った。


「ケイティ、ケイティ! ひとつだけ忘れちゃいけないことがあるんだよ。」 風は言った。
「風よりも速く飛んじゃいかん! 川の辺りには、見たことのない次元がたくさんあるからね!」
「ありがとう、風さん!」ケイティは言った。 「見たことない。こんな・・・」







Mosquito I  -Chapter VII-

Hello, everyone. Who do you think I am?

Give you some hints? You ask me?

Yes, sure, of course. I’m a… oops. I’m not a mosquito now.

I reincarnated into a beetle just because I wanted to eat watermelons.

You see?

Please call me “Welter.” Yes, I’ve got a name now. I came from the future.

Yes, here I am, to save the fairy.

Here we go.

Catie was in a strange dimension near the circle. A strange voice told her to get out of there, but there could be seen nobody.

“Mr. Wind? Mister?” said Catie in a weak voice.

“Who is talking with the wind?”

“I am. But I can’t see you. Who are you?”

“I’m a witch. If you ask me another silly question, I’ll make you a mosquito!”

Hurry, Welter, hurry!

“Sorry, but I’d like to join the class.”

“What class? Do you want to learn magic?”

“No, I want to be a student of the fairy school.”

“Fairy School, huh? Like a fairy tale!”

The witch pointed at her with a stick and made her turn around.

“Get outta here.” said the witch.

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll leave here.”

“Oh? You’ve got quite nice wings, haven’t you?”

Catie couldn’t say anything.

“If I get the wings from this little girl, I would be…”

Before finishing the sentence, Welter smashed into her right eye.

“No!!!! What the hell are you doing this to me? Shit!”

“I’ll give you a lesson. Now, I will.”

“Get out of here! Fast!” said Welter.

Catie flew higher and higher until she couldn’t see the circle.

To tell you the truth, Welter was very afraid, but he knew what would go on.

“You want to be a mosquito, huh? OK. Whether if you want or not.”

She turned him into a mosquito, saying get out with a harsh voice.

Welter winked at Catie in his heart.

After that, Welter went higher, but he couldn’t find Catie.

“Oh? What a witch! My wings are stronger than they used to be.”

In this way, Welter came back to his master as a mosquito again.

“Sir? Have you found Catie yet?”

“No, Ka-kun. …Ka-kun again?” said his master with a smile.

I don’t know if my master knows the whole everything. But, it’s not the time to discuss something. Yes. We’ve got to search Catie as soon as possible.

Another adventure has started.

We have Joe, Catie, Welter, and their master now. All the mosquitoes got off towards the forest. Oh, no. It’s time to say good-bye now.

Thanks for reading.

to be continued…


蚊 第七章






「風さん? 風さん?」ケイティは、蚊の鳴くような声で言った。

、急げ! ウェルター。

「授業? 魔法でも習いたいのかい。」


「おや? 立派な羽根を持ってるねぇ。」



「ぎゃぁ。なんてことをしてくれるんだ! くそっ。」

「ここから逃げろ! 急ぐんだ。」ウェルターが言った。











Mosquito -Chapter VIII-

Catie flew up until she almost touched the clouds. The Sun was shining above the clouds, knowing nothing.

“Mr. Sun, can you hear me?”
“Who are you?”
“I’m Catie, the fairy.”
“Is anything wrong with you?”
“I’m … I’m lost. I can’t find my way back to the forest.”
“Forest? You mean the woods, of course?”


“Well, let me see? Sorry, I can’t find it. Clouds. They’re covering the surface of the Earth.”

“Haven’t you ever seen it?”

“Mmm… No. I always shine in the space, in the universe. I don’t know anything about the forest.” The Sun lied.

“Universe?” said Catie.
“Yes. Wanna see it?”
“Yes! How can I reach there, mister?”
“Have you ever heard of the name Joe?”
Of course she had. Her husband in the future. Or should I say, in the present?

“The King of all the mosquitoes.” said the Sun.
“Ask him how. You will soon get the knack of it. I’ll just tell you the words of it.”

She was told how to reach the universe without dying. But she actually didn’t know what the words meant. She flew back near the circle, carefully not to be found by the witch.

‘Zen Fuwa?’ What does it mean? She said to herself.

At that moment, she soared up into the space. She didn’t know what was happening, but there was a feeling of happiness and joy.

“Wow, Catie. It’s too soon!.” said the Sun.

“Can I go back to the forest now?” asked Catie again.

Welter was flying beneath the ceiling.

“Mister, we can’t find Catie yet.”

His master smiled, nodding.

And then, the enemies appeared. He could see the figures of the five.

“Mister! Watch out!”

“I know. But this happened in the past, you see?”

“I don’t. I’ll be your eyes and attack the enemies!”

His master didn’t ask him how many. But he gave him an X-ray with some poison and an Atlantis Rebel.

“Oh? Rebel? What is this, master?”
“It protects you from the fire and the attack of the enemies, you’ll see.”

“The fire? Hmm…” Maybe he’ll know.

Suddenly, he flew down to his master and reach behind his neck.

“Master, just ask me where I am.”

“I don’t. I don’t want you to die. Can you see the vessel of my right arm?”

Welter nodded, watering in his mouth. “May I…?”

“Yes, of course. My blood is very strong today.”

When Welter carefully pulled down his mouth, his heart was pounding and he was a little bit intoxicated.

“Good. Very nice of you!”

“You’re welcome.”

The master was wondering when Joe would be back. When he came back, the master intended to tell them the whole story, with Catie as a guest.

What will happen the next? Maybe you’ll know.

Thanks for reading.


蚊 第八章


「森? ってもちろん、木の、あの森のことだよね?」
「うん! どうやったら太陽さんのいるところまで行ける?」











「リーバルでござるか? 何とやら?」
「炎? むむ。」








次に何が起こるのだろうか? おそらく、君にも、わかるだろう。


Mosquito -Chapter IX-

Above the circle near the wooden bridges, Mr. Wind was looking around carefully for Catie.

There was no sign of her. Judging from the look of the sky, it seemed to start raining soon.

“Have you found her?”

“Not yet.”

“Get her alive!” said the witch.

Mr. Wind heard the little conversation.

“No! It’s urgent!” said Mr. Wind.

“I’ve got to find her before they’ve done.”

Mr. Wind shouted out, “Joe? Can you hear me?”

There was no reply. But, he heard the buzzing sound of a mosquito nearby.

“He’s absent, Mister.”

“Who are you?”

“Call me Welter, please.”

Mr. Wind saw the little figure of the insect.

“Welter? Smaller than I expected.”

“None of your business.”


“Nothing, nothing. Well, do you happen to know Catie, the fairy?”

“Yes! I’m just searching for her.”

“Our party, too. If you don’t mind, I would like to ride on your back.”

Welter didn’t know why he said such a thing to him.

Mr. Wind was wondering something.

“Did Catie…?” Their voices met each other.

We call it ‘Synchronization of Souls.’ Sometimes, soul itself tends to go into the same direction. There exists the vector of love. Now, the love for Catie went into the same direction of finding her, and their deed.

“One moment, Mister. I don’t know why but I want to see my master’s face now.”

“Who’s your master?”

“A teacher.”

Welter went back again to his master, and was taught how to get to the universe.

Welter soon came back. Mr. Wind didn’t know how but he seemed very excited.

‘Zen Fuwa!’

Welter was riding Mr. Wind’s back and they immediately reached the universe.

Joe’s mother was crying.

“Hey, what’s happened to you?” said Mr. Wind.

“Oh, she’s so beautiful. Look at that!” said Welter.

Catie was in a white dress made by her mother, and Joe, in a black tailor.

“Can you see them?” said Welter.

“Yes. The Wedding Ceremony.” said Mr. Wind.

All the universe was celebrating their marriage. The stars, the Moon, and the Sun.

“I’m very glad to be here.” said Welter.

“So am I.” said Mr. Wind.

“Here you are.” said the princess of the Moon with a crown in her hands.

“Thank you, thank you.” said Joe.

Joe declared his will and the audience cheered, who were standing.



“Ka-kun? Can you hear me?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Tell me how they look. I’m blind in the other dimensions.”

“It’s beyond my description. So beautiful.”

Sometimes, we come across miracles. They are not scheduled. Maybe, our souls determine the timing and the event themselves. I guess NO God knows when and how.

Oh, my. It’s time to say good-bye now. Thanks for reading.

to be continued…


蚊 第九章




風は、声高に叫んだ。「ジョー? 聞こえるかい?」

「ウェルター? 思ったよりも小さいねぇ。」
「知ってるとも! 今、ちょうど探しているところだよ。」









「見て、どんな感じ? 僕には別世界は見えないからね。」




Mosquito -Chapter X-

“It was so scary.” said Catie, “A witch appeared.”
“Ka-kun saved you.” said the master.
“Ka-kun?” said Catie.
“I mean, Welter.” said the master.
“How’d you know such a thing, mister?” said Welter.
“I can hear a lot. Like Joe.” The master winked.
“Now I have to teach you some magical lessons.”
“Wow, great!”

Lesson 1: To Reincarnate into Another Creature
“Can you tap?” said the master.
“Like this?” said Welter, tapping with his forefoot.
“OK, then. Just say, ‘θ, start reincarnation as a honeybee!'”

They turned into bees. “It’s so easy, you see?”
Welter was buzzing. Catie, too. Joe was figuring the number 8.
“Now, you are much stronger than you used to be.” said the master.

Lesson 2: To Learn and Conquer Your Weak Point
“You want to get this strength and wings?”
“Yes, yes, yes!”
“Then, you should say, ‘Give me this strength and these strong wings, honeybee?'”
They followed him.
“Now, let’s ask bees of our weak points.” “Yes!”
“I’ll be waiting.” said the master.

“I was told to fly more slowly so as for anybody to catch up with me.”
They laughed.

The wind heard her voice again.

“Oh! Here you are! With Welter and Joe!” said the wind.
“Joe! You are ALIVE again!!”

Lesson 3: To Appear in the Space of Atlantis
“How about changing spaces?” said the master.
“Changing spaces?” they wondered.
“To get appeared as a total body again.”
“I don’t mind. I would rather stay as a honeybee.” said Catie.
“Rather than a fairy?”
“Mmm… But I want these nice wings.” said Catie.
They laughed again.
“How about going to Harvest?”
“How can we get there?”
“Just say, with tapping, ‘Go Atlantis!’ ’Zen Fuwa!’ and ‘Go to Harvest!'”

They arrived. “So many beautiful flowers!”
“Enjoy your holidays.” said the master.

He picked up a cigarette. Just like as usual before drinking, he smoked very slowly.

“Master, can I…?” said Welter.
“We!” said the other.
“NO! Now look at yourselves.”
“I fell for that! We are no longer mosquitoes.” said Catie.

So many guests come into my room every day.
Someday, you might join their team.

Now, I am making them stronger, for the fight in the future.

Love is stronger than anything.
A fight will occur when you get weak.
Do not be defeated by your weakness.
Learn from your past and never mind the future.
Just focus this moment, and do what you can only today.
Never look back until you die.

Yes, this is the mosquito style.


蚊 第十章


Lesson1: 他の生命体に転生する


Lesson2: 自分の弱点を知り、克服する

「ここにいたんだね! ウェルターと、ジョーも!」風が言った。
「ジョー! 蘇ったのか。」

Lesson 3: Atlantis宇宙に光臨する
「タップしながらね、”Go Atlantis!”、「全ふわっ。」、”HarvestへGo!”って言うだけだよ。」







そう。これを、蚊道(Mosquito Style)っていうのさ。